(DIR) 2024-05-18 HJA63 linear actuator pinout
 (DIR) 2024-03-31 Viewing home renovations in Oculus VR
 (DIR) 2024-02-15 Analyzing a no-neutral circuit
 (DIR) 2024-02-12 Homeassistant setup
 (DIR) 2024-01-10 Retractable USB-C charger
 (DIR) 2023-09-20 cjk_typesetting
 (DIR) 2023-09-17 Mikuni TM40 diagram
 (DIR) 2023-09-02 Mass renaming glyphs in fontforge with python
 (DIR) 2023-08-29 Mirror of Brian Kernighan's chem source in awk
 (DIR) 2023-02-03 esp32_problems
 (DIR) 2022-09-25 Dirt riding with Andre
 (DIR) 2022-08-21 Learning Forth with Planckforth
 (DIR) 2022-01-03 Namibia Botswana and Zimbabwe
 (DIR) 2021-09-05 Lazy Hardened Void Linux on Raspberry Pi
 (DIR) 2021-04-15 Trip to Wyoming
 (DIR) 2020-11-25 Remote control fireplace
 (DIR) 2020-02-26 DR650 fender bender
 (DIR) 2019-12-08 DR350 engine issue
 (DIR) 2019-09-05 DR650 rally in LaSal, UT
 (DIR) 2019-08-16 Trip to Taiwan and Shanghai
 (DIR) 2019-07-09 Trip report: Partial Utah Backcountry Discovery Route (UTBDR)
 (DIR) 2018-07-09 Trip report: July 4th trip to Albuquerque
 (DIR) 2016-07-25 Project 121
 (DIR) 2015-05-28 Arduino Library for UT390B
 (DIR) 2014-09-09 UT390B laser distance meter error numbers
 (DIR) 2014-05-20 Eagle library for HLK-RM04 wifi module
 (DIR) 2013-10-16 Laser distance meter update: serial commands, timing measurements
 (DIR) 2013-08-16 Parsing laser distance meter serial output
 (DIR) 2013-07-29 Translink magnetic ticket format
 (DIR) 2013-07-27 Arduino laser distance meter
 (DIR) 2013-07-09 Problems with 23K256 and AVR/Arduino
 (DIR) 2013-02-11 AVR .initN sections and GCC -flto
 (DIR) 2012-12-06 Presentation on TCP sequence number prediction
 (DIR) 2012-10-22 CAN bus
 (DIR) 2012-08-06 Introduction to FastCGI
 (DIR) 2012-04-21 Decoding small QR codes by hand
 (DIR) 2012-03-20 Ghetto magnetic stripe reader