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       Custom List
 (TEL)   RetroDigital BBS                      
 (TEL)   A 80's Apple II BBS                      
 (TEL)   A 90's Manila BBS                        
 (TEL)   A Missing Chromosome                     
 (TEL)   Absinthe BBS                             
 (TEL) * Acid Underworld                          
 (TEL)   After Hours BBS                          
 (TEL) * Afterlife                                
 (TEL)   Agency BBS                               
 (TEL)   AlcaBBS                                  
 (TEL)   Alcoholiday BBS                          
 (TEL)   Aleco Experience BBS                     
 (TEL)   Alien's Alcove                           
 (TEL)   Alpha Centauri BBS                       
 (TEL)   Altair Business Systems                  
 (TEL)   Altered Dimensions                       
 (TEL)   Amiga City                               
 (TEL)   Amiga Frontier BBS                       
 (TEL)   Amstrad BBS                              
 (TEL)   Analog Waffle                            
 (TEL)   Angelic Technology BBS                   
 (TEL)   AnonBBS                                  
 (TEL)   Another F-ing BBS                        
 (TEL)   Arcade                                   
 (TEL)   Archaic Binary                           
 (TEL)   Arctic Zone BBS                          
 (TEL)   Astral Plane BBS                         
 (TEL)   AT2K Design BBS                          
 (TEL)   Atrium BBS                               
 (TEL)   B4BBS                                    
 (TEL)   Back to the Future                       
 (TEL)   Backwood Realm BBS                       
 (TEL) * Ballon BBS                               
 (TEL)   Banana Bender BBS                        
 (TEL)   Barringer BBS                            
 (TEL)   Basement BBS                             
 (TEL)   Basement Theory                          
 (TEL)   Bates Motel BBS                          
 (TEL)   Battlestar BBS                           
 (TEL) * BBS MouseNet                             
 (TEL)   BCG-Box                                  
 (TEL)   BCR Games Server                         
 (TEL)   Bear's Den                               
 (TEL)   Beavis & Butt-Head BBS                   
 (TEL)   Bedrock BBS                              
 (TEL)   Before the Web                           
 (TEL)   Bento Box BBS                            
 (TEL)   BGD Consulting & Graphics                
 (TEL)   Bit Sunrise                              
 (TEL)   Bits & Bytes BBS (1)                     
 (TEL)   Bits & Bytes BBS (2)                     
 (TEL)   Black Flag                               
 (TEL)   Black Sun BBS                            
 (TEL)   Blackfair's Manor                        
 (TEL)   BlackICE                                 
 (TEL)   Blacklight Underground BBS               
 (TEL)   Blood Stone                              
 (TEL)   BoobTube BBS                             
 (TEL)   Borderline BBS                           
 (TEL) * Bottomless Abyss BBS                     
 (TEL)   Box 24 BBS                               
 (TEL)   BrainToys BBS                            
 (TEL)   Brewery BBS                              
 (TEL)   Bridge BBS                               
 (TEL)   Broken Bubble BBS                        
 (TEL)   Bufkin Ridge Ranch                       
 (TEL)   ByteXchange BBS                          
 (TEL)   Capital Station BBS                      
 (TEL)   Capitol City Online BBS                  
 (TEL)   Capitol Shrill BBS                       
 (TEL)   Captain's Quarters                       
 (TEL)   Castle Rock BBS (1)                      
 (TEL)   Castle Rock BBS (2)                      
 (TEL)   Castle Rock BBS (3)                      
 (TEL)   Catch 22                                 
 (TEL)   Cave BBS                                 
 (TEL)   CedarValley BBS                          
 (TEL)   Celtic Broch BBS                         
 (TEL)   Centronian BBS                           
 (TEL)   CheckSum Acknowledged                    
 (TEL) * Chinwag                                  
 (TEL)   Chiva Town Social Hub                    
 (TEL)   Christian Fellowship                     
 (TEL)   CIA Amiga BBS                            
 (TEL)   Circle Of Protection                     
 (TEL)   CIS Bulletin Board                       
 (TEL)   Cittadella BBS                           
 (TEL)   ClassicMUD                               
 (TEL)   Cloud City BBS                           
 (TEL) * Clube da Insonia BBS                     
 (TEL)   Clutch BBS                               
 (TEL)   Code Red BBS (2)                         
 (TEL)   Colorado Springs Central Net BBS         
 (TEL)   Colossus (1)                             
 (TEL)   Colossus BBS (2)                         
 (TEL)   Commodore Image                          
 (TEL)   Commodore Image 2                        
 (TEL)   Commodore Image 3                        
 (TEL)   Commodore4ever BBS                       
 (TEL)   Computer God                             
 (TEL)   Convolution BBS                          
 (TEL)   Cosmik Debris BBS                        
 (TEL) * Cosmo's Castle                           
 (TEL)   Cottonwood BBS                           
 (TEL)   Crafting For a Cure                      
 (TEL)   Crazy World BBS                          
 (TEL)   Crystal Aerie                            
 (TEL)   Crystal Palace                           
 (TEL)   Cyberia BBS                              
 (TEL)   CypherPunk (Digitilsoft)                 
 (TEL)   Dark Forces BBS                          
 (TEL)   Dark Realms                              
 (TEL)   Dark Star BBS                            
 (TEL) * Darkscience BBS                          
 (TEL)   DarkSide of Moon                         
 (TEL)   Datanet BBS                              
 (TEL)   Dave's BBS                               
 (TEL)   Dawn of Demise (1)                       
 (TEL) * Dawn of Demise (2)                       
 (TEL)   Days of Old BBS                          
 (TEL)   Dead Zone                                
 (TEL)   Deadline BBS                             
 (TEL)   Death Gate BBS                           
 (TEL)   Delta City BBS                           
 (TEL)   Demonic Toys BBS                         
 (TEL)   Destron Communications                   
 (TEL)   Diamond Mine Online                      
 (TEL)   Digicom BBS                              
 (TEL)   DigiSoft Club /Telnet/FirstClass/Web BBS 
 (TEL)   Digital Distortion                       
 (TEL)   Digital Realms BBS                       
 (TEL)   Digital Shelter                          
 (TEL)   Digital Wurmhole                         
 (TEL)   DigitalDial-Sta#1                        
 (TEL)   Dinosaur Act                             
 (TEL)   Distortion                               
 (TEL)   DJ's Place                               
 (TEL)   Doc's Place Online                       
 (TEL)   Dock Sud                                 
 (TEL)   Dogtown BBS                              
 (TEL)   Door Games Unlimited                     
 (TEL)   DOSzombie BBS                            
 (TEL)   Dragon's Lair BBS                        
 (TEL)   Dreamland BBS                            
 (TEL)   Dreamline                                
 (TEL)   Dungeon BBS                              
 (TEL)   Dungeons of Insanity                     
 (TEL)   Dura-Europos                             
 (TEL)   Eagle's Dare                             
 (TEL)   Echto BBS                                
 (TEL)   Edge BBS                                 
 (TEL)   Efectolinux                              
 (TEL)   Electronic Chicken BBS                   
 (TEL)   Electronic Warfare BBS                   
 (TEL)   Emerald Hill BBS                         
 (TEL)   Emergency Scene                          
 (TEL)   Empire of the Dragon BBS                 
 (TEL)   End Of The Line BBS                      
 (TEL)   Endless Chaos BBS                        
 (TEL)   ERICADE Network                          
 (TEL)   Error 404 BBS                            
 (TEL)   Escape To Other Worlds                   
 (TEL)   Euphoria BBS                             
 (TEL)   ExchangeBBS W.H.Q.                       
 (TEL)   ExecPC                                   
 (TEL)   Eye of the Beholder                      
 (TEL)   Falcon BBS                               
 (TEL) * Fat Sandwich                             
 (TEL)   Fatcats BBS                              
 (TEL)   Fercho BBS                               
 (TEL)   Files 4 Fun BBS                          
 (TEL)   Fireball Express BBS                     
 (TEL)   First (1st) Choice Core                  
 (TEL)   Flashback BBS                            
 (TEL)   FlupH BBS                                
 (TEL)   Fluxpod Info Service                     
 (TEL)   Forever BBS                              
 (TEL)   Freeway BBS                              
 (TEL)   Frozen Floppy BBS                        
 (TEL)   Frugal Computing BBS                     
 (TEL)   Fusion BBS                               
 (TEL)   Future World II                          
 (TEL)   Galadin                                  
 (TEL)   Game Place                               
 (TEL)   GameMaster's Realm BBS                   
 (TEL)   GAP Prison Board                         
 (TEL)   Gate BBS                                 
 (TEL)   Gate BBS II                              
 (TEL)   Generation III POT-D                     
 (TEL)   Genetic-Point BBS                        
 (TEL)   Ghetto BBS                               
 (TEL)   Guardian of Forever                      
 (TEL)   Haciend                                  
 (TEL)   Hated Reality                            
 (TEL)   Haunting The Chapel                      
 (TEL)   Haxor's Palace                           
 (TEL)   Heatwave                                 
 (TEL)   Heights BBS                              
 (TEL)   Helicon BBS                              
 (TEL)   Herbies-BBS                              
 (TEL)   Herbies-BBS II                           
 (TEL)   Hidden Paradise BBS                      
 (TEL)   Hidden Paradise BBS II                   
 (TEL)   High Desert BBS                          
 (TEL)   HispaMSX BBS                             
 (TEL)   Horizon BBS                              
 (TEL)   Ignition BBS                             
 (TEL)   Illusions BBS                            
 (TEL)   Inara BBS                                
 (TEL)   Ink Two                                  
 (TEL)   Insane Asylum BBS                        
 (TEL) * Internal Affairs                         
 (TEL)   Internal Dimension                       
 (TEL)   Internetking BBS                         
 (TEL)   Iowa Student Assc. BBS (ISCA)            
 (TEL)   ISIS Unveiled                            
 (TEL)   JAFHL2 (2)                               
 (TEL)   Jamming Signal                           
 (TEL)   JumpStart BBS                            
 (TEL)   KD3net                                   
 (TEL)   Keep BBS                                 
 (TEL)   KF5QEO's Shack                           
 (TEL)   Killing Ground                           
 (TEL)   KOFO BBS                                 
 (TEL)   Kuehlbox                                 
 (TEL)   Lair of the Wolverine                    
 (TEL)   Legends of Yesteryear                    
 (TEL)   Leisure Time BBS                         
 (TEL)   Level 29                                 
 (TEL)   Liane BBS                                
 (TEL)   Lightning BBS                            
 (TEL)   Liquid Digital                           
 (TEL)   Liquid Dreamz                            
 (TEL)   Local Yocal                              
 (TEL)   Lostways BBS                             
 (TEL)   Lower Planes, The                        
 (TEL)   Lunar Dynamics Online                    
 (TEL)   LV-426 BBS                               
 (TEL)   M. Station                               
 (TEL)   Magicka BBS                              
 (TEL)   MASH 4077 BBS                            
 (TEL)   Mastodont BBS                            
 (TEL)   MegaBBS                                  
 (TEL)   MemphisTW                                
 (TEL)   Metal Zone                               
 (TEL)   Metallic Dreams                          
 (TEL)   Metro Olografix                          
 (TEL)   Mike's Mansion                           
 (TEL)   Ministry of Silly MUDS                   
 (TEL)   Missing Links                            
 (TEL)   MMN                                      
 (TEL)   Moe's Tavern                             
 (TEL)   Mojo's World BBS                         
 (TEL)   Momia BBS                                
 (TEL)   Monochrome                               
 (TEL)   Moon Base Alpha                          
 (TEL) * Mordor BBS                               
 (TEL)   Mozy's Swamp and Red Dwarf BBS           
 (TEL)   MPrah BBS                                
 (TEL)   MSmac BBS                                
 (TEL)   MtlGeek                                  
 (TEL)   Music Station                            
 (TEL)   Mystic Dreams                            
 (TEL)   Mystic PI BBS                            
 (TEL)   Mystic Prison Board BBS                  
 (TEL)   N3HYM Amateur Radio BBS                  
 (TEL)   Necronomicon BBS                         
 (TEL)   Necronomicon BBS (CNet)                  
 (TEL)   Necropolis                               
 (TEL)   Net247                                   
 (TEL)   Never Never Land                         
 (TEL)   New Frontier ][ BBS (Enigma)             
 (TEL)   New Frontier ][ BBS (Magika)             
 (TEL)   New Frontier ][ BBS (Synchronet)         
 (TEL)   Newton City BBS                          
 (TEL)   NightFriends BBS                         
 (TEL)   Ninety-Six Forty 9640 News BBS           
 (TEL)   Ninho do Abutre 2 BBS                    
 (TEL)   Nitemare Cafe BBS                        
 (TEL)   Nola Carrier                             
 (TEL)   Nolan's Nest                             
 (TEL)   Not Quite Immortal BBS                   
 (TEL)   Nut Asylum (XTCBOX)                      
 (TEL)   Oasis BBS                                
 (TEL)   Old Time's Sake BBS                      
 (TEL)   Omicron Theta BBS                        
 (TEL)   Onix BBS                                 
 (TEL)   Online BBS                               
 (TEL)   Orbit BBS                                
 (TEL)   Orchestra BBS                            
 (TEL)   Outer Limits BBS                         
 (TEL)   Outpost BBS                              
 (TEL)   Outwest BBS                              
 (TEL)   Palantir BBS                             
 (TEL)   Parity Error BBS                         
 (TEL)   Part-Time BBS                            
 (TEL)   Particles! BBS                           
 (TEL)   PartyMUD                                 
 (TEL)   PB PCBoard BBS                           
 (TEL)   PBNET BBS                                
 (TEL)   PBSync Prison Board BBS                  
 (TEL)   Penalty Box                              
 (TEL)   Pepzi BBS                                
 (TEL)   Phantasm                                 
 (TEL)   Pharcyde                                 
 (TEL)   Phoenix BBS                              
 (TEL)   Phospher BBS                             
 (TEL)   Phunc BBS                                
 (TEL)   Pie33                                    
 (TEL)   Pimptite BBS                             
 (TEL)   Pipeline BBS                             
 (TEL)   Positronium Repository (1)               
 (TEL)   Possum Lodge South BBS                   
 (TEL)   Prism BBS                                
 (TEL)   Prison Board                             
 (TEL)   Prisoner's Game Lounge                   
 (TEL)   Pro-Kegs                                 
 (TEL)   Proxima Centauri BBS                     
 (TEL)   PTT Bulletin Board System (1)            
 (TEL)   PTT Bulletin Board System (2)            
 (TEL)   Pyffle HQ                                
 (TEL)   Quantum Wormhole                         
 (TEL)   Quazar BBS Door Game Server              
 (TEL)   RapidFire                                
 (TEL)   Razor's Domain 3.141592                  
 (TEL)   Razor's Domain/2                         
 (TEL)   Razz Pie BBS                             
 (TEL)   RBB Systems Int'l                        
 (TEL)   Realitycheck BBS                         
 (TEL)   Realm of Darkness                        
 (TEL)   Realm of Insanity                        
 (TEL)   Region 15 HQ                             
 (TEL)   Reign Of Fire BBS                        
 (TEL)   Retro Underground                        
 (TEL) * RetroBBS                                 
 (TEL)   Retrograde BBS                           
 (TEL)   RetroTyme BBS                            
 (TEL)   Riktronics BBS                           
 (TEL)   RMAC Diversi-Dial Station #34            
 (TEL)   RMSBBS                                   
 (TEL)   RPG Circus BBS                           
 (TEL)   RSR Trip Radio                           
 (TEL)   Rusty Mailbox                            
 (TEL) * Sagramour's Realm                        
 (TEL)   Sanctuary BBS                            
 (TEL)   Sanctum II BBS (1)                       
 (TEL)   Sanctum II BBS (2)                       
 (TEL)   Sandnes BBS                              
 (TEL)   Sands of Time                            
 (TEL)   Santronics Software                      
 (TEL)   Saturn's Orbit                           
 (TEL) *                            
 (TEL)   Scratched Reality                        
 (TEL)   SD2IEC Test BBS                          
 (TEL) * Sea Breeze Gaming Network                
 (TEL)   Search BBS                               
 (TEL)   Seattle Community Network                
 (TEL)   Second (2nd) Choice Core                 
 (TEL)   Second Coming BBS                        
 (TEL)   Section One BBS                          
 (TEL)   Seventy-Nine (79) Columns                
 (TEL)   Shadowlands BBS                          
 (TEL)   Shadowscope                              
 (TEL)   Shenk's Express                          
 (TEL)   Shodan's Core                            
 (TEL)   Silicon Underground                      
 (TEL)   SilverHawk BBS                           
 (TEL)   Sinclair Retro BBS                       
 (TEL)   Singapore Fun                            
 (TEL)   Sinner's Haven II                        
 (TEL)   Sixty-Four Vintage BBS                   
 (TEL)   Skylab Systems BBS                       
 (TEL)   Skylab V BBS                             
 (TEL) BBS                            
 (TEL)   Slime City BBS                           
 (TEL)   SmokyThing BBS                           
 (TEL)   SouthEast Star                           
 (TEL)   Space Odyssey                            
 (TEL)   Spiffwiggler BBS                         
 (TEL)   Starbase 21                              
 (TEL)   StatBBS                                  
 (TEL)   Stepping Stone BBS (1)                   
 (TEL)   Super Dimension Fortress (SDF-1)         
 (TEL)   Sursum Corda! BBS                        
 (TEL)   Switchroom BBS                           
 (TEL)   Swords of Chaos Forever BBS              
 (TEL)   Synchronix                               
 (TEL)   System One BBS                           
 (TEL)   Technician's Hangout BBS                 
 (TEL)   Techware                                 
 (TEL)   Telehack                                 
 (TEL)   Temple of Doom                           
 (TEL)   The Board                                
 (TEL)   Thirteenth (13th) Floor BBS              
 (TEL)   Thirteenth (13th) Floor BBS C64 Version [Node 1]
 (TEL)   Thirteenth (13th) Floor BBS C64 Version [Node 2]
 (TEL)   Thirteenth (13th) Leader BBS             
 (TEL)   This Old Cabin BBS                       
 (TEL)   Throwback BBS                            
 (TEL)   Thunderbolt BBS                          
 (TEL)   Time Warp of Future                      
 (TEL)   Tiny's BBS                               
 (TEL)   Titan at Redhill                         
 (TEL)   Tommy's Holiday Camp                     
 (TEL)   Tornado Electronic Communications System 
 (TEL)   Totallynerd BBS                          
 (TEL)   Toxic Laboratory                         
 (TEL)   Trashcan BBS                             
 (TEL)   Tribe BBS                                
 (TEL)   Troy's Den                               
 (TEL)   Twinkle BBS                              
 (TEL)   Uncensored!                              
 (TEL)   Undercurrents BBS (Enigma)               
 (TEL)   Undercurrents BBS (Synchronet)           
 (TEL)   Unicyber BBS                             
 (TEL)   Universal Joint BBS                      
 (TEL)   Unknown BBS                              
 (TEL)   US 99 BBS                                
 (TEL)   UserClub BBS                             
 (TEL)   VADV Prison Board BBS                    
 (TEL)   Vague BBS                                
 (TEL)   Valhalla Home Services (1)               
 (TEL)   Valhalla Home Services (2)               
 (TEL)   Valley BBS                               
 (TEL)   Veleno BBS                               
 (TEL)   Vengeance BBS                            
 (TEL)   Vertrauen                                
 (TEL) * Veteran BBS                              
 (TEL) Remote CP/M            
 (TEL)   Vortex BBS                               
 (TEL)   W4BFB                                    
 (TEL)   WABAC Machine BBS                        
 (TEL)   War Ensemble BBS                         
 (TEL)   Wastelands BBS                           
 (TEL)   Weather Station BBS                      
 (TEL)   Whisky Lover's Amateur Radio BBS         
 (TEL)   Wildcat's Castle BBS                     
 (TEL)   Willow Creek BBS                         
 (TEL) * Winchester BBS                           
 (TEL)   Wintermute BBS                           
 (TEL)   Wizard's Castle                          
 (TEL)   Wretched Beagle BBS                      
 (TEL)   Wrong Number ][ BBS                      
 (TEL)   Wrong Number ][ V1.2a                    
 (TEL)   Wrong Number ][ V2.0                     
 (TEL)   Wrong Number ]I[ BBS                     
 (TEL)   Wrong Number V BBS                       
 (TEL)   WWIV Frontier BBS                        
 (TEL)   Xibalba