Welcome sundog, to Ryumin's Dome,
       the public git-only hosting and gopher server of the
 (DIR) Circumlunar.Space universe!
       (If you came here for gopher.GOPHERNICUS.org, please see the
 (DIR) documentation about the Gophernicus gopher server
       which is publishing this gopherhole.
       For additional information, also see
 (HTM) our webserver or
 (HTM) github presence.
       You may clone the git repository directly from this server at
         git://dome.circumlunar.space/gophernicus  (no http!)
       or alternatively from the github presence linked above.)
 (DIR) This host can be reached as 2807591230 (decimal IPv4).
 (TXT) Status/messages
 (DIR) Recent Activity on Dome
 (DIR) Published Git repos on Dome
        (can be cloned if gitdaemon is running -- at your own risk!)
 (DIR) Admin's gopherhole
 (DIR) Circumlunar Transmissions
       Sundogs can get a public gopherhole controlled by a dedicated
       git repository on this server, keeping control on their content.
       Please see the documentation about
 (TXT)  getting access/account
       if you would like to have a presence on the Dome,
       provided you are fine with and willing to play by the
 (TXT)  Rules on this server!
       Login and git access is through ssh with public keys,
       which you will have to provide for setup of your account.
       See the status information file in the
 (DIR) account submission directory
       corresponding to the id given to you during account request
       to inquire about the status of your submission.
       New content pushed to the git repo is immediately published.
       In addition, you can also login directly, which gives you access to
       restricted shell with the possibility to contact the sysadmin.
       Please see the local
 (TXT)  Git on Dome documentation
       and the
 (TXT)  documentation about gophermaps!
 (TXT)  RFC1436: Internet Gopher Protocol
       Users on this server:
 (DIR) ~hlep                                 2024-Jul-04 17:01        -  
 (DIR) ~hb9kns                               2024-Feb-12 12:07        -  
 (DIR) ~ryumin                               2024-Jan-24 21:45        -  
 (DIR) ~raven                                2023-Aug-04 21:51        -  
 (DIR) ~shufei                               2023-Apr-19 21:08        -  
 (DIR) ~clt                                  2022-Dec-14 21:34        -  
 (DIR) ~jone                                 2022-Apr-27 21:13        -  
 (DIR) ~sideways                             2022-Jan-31 20:06        -  
 (DIR) ~anax                                 2021-Apr-24 16:38        -  
 (DIR) ~hedy                                 2021-Apr-07 19:19        -  
 (DIR) ~grimware                             2021-Feb-26 19:37        -  
 (DIR) ~longshot                             2021-Feb-19 23:52        -  
 (DIR) ~katolaz                              2020-Nov-26 23:45        -  
 (DIR) ~jboverf                              2020-Aug-29 14:07        -  
 (DIR) ~parker                               2020-May-28 20:58        -  
 (DIR) ~zaibatsu                             2020-Mar-30 19:17        -  
 (DIR) ~stfs                                 2020-Feb-20 09:24        -  
 (DIR) ~e79e                                 2019-Sep-02 16:50        -  
 (DIR) ~new                                  2019-Mar-23 22:37        -  
 (DIR) ~cmccabe                              2019-Jan-28 15:26        -  
 (DIR) ~wells                                2019-Jan-07 19:59        -  
 (DIR) ~tspivey                              2019-Jan-05 00:07        -  
 (DIR) ~lindze                               2018-Dec-09 12:28        -  
                      Gophered by Gophernicus/3.1.1 on Debian/8.11 x86_64