Candide's Garden. 
 (TXT) Gopher on SDF for Noobs
 (TXT) Why Here?
 (DIR) Project GophPort (discontinued, but a good idea)
 (DIR) YT to Junk Punk
       Plog -- organized by recency.  
 (TXT) restorable?
 (TXT) podcasts
 (TXT) a snack
 (TXT) stimulate
 (TXT) pilish and gpt
 (TXT) close paradise
 (TXT) cardboard
 (TXT) why imagine
 (TXT) imagination
 (TXT) infonaut
 (TXT) info diet
 (TXT) fipple hobby
 (TXT) tiny core
 (TXT) a storm
 (TXT) block flute
 (TXT) reboot
 (TXT) internet's end
 (TXT) fun and games
 (TXT) on journaling
 (TXT) puppy linux
 (TXT) new old computer
 (TXT) on text and surfing
 (TXT) tool pleasure
 (TXT) pump drill
 (TXT) good cheap
 (TXT) phlog is go
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