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       The Floodgap Gopher Statistics project is an aggregation of data
       from the Floodgap Public Gopher Proxy in an attempt to estimate
       relative trends and continued interest in Gopherspace.
       -- !!READ ME FIRST!! --
       Gopher advocacy in the present day is greatly impaired by poor
       assessment of community interest, both from users and wranglers.
       Rather than try to quantify a total number of Gopher users, which
       is impossible to do completely or accurately, the GStats project
       has the following goals:
       - Demonstrate that there are still people using gopher. By
       plotting access and activity trends, the project can show user
       interest exists and that Gopherspace is more than a 'retro fad.'
       - Demonstrate that there is a significant population of gopher
       users not served by their particular Web client of choice,
       encouraging those browsers with Gopher support to preserve and
       maintain it as a valuable feature.
       - Demonstrate that a variety of hosts are accessed by the Proxy,
       not just any single large Gopher portal, encouraging not only
       current gopher wranglers to maintain their gopher-based services
       but also encourage the creation of new servers in the ecosystem.
       - Identify hosts being accessed by users that are not in the
       Veronica-2 database so that they can be indexed for search.
       We appreciate your comments to gopher@floodgap.com
       It is strongly recommended that you read the documentation
       below to properly interpret the statistics.
       -- Overview (trend graph updated monthly) --
 (TXT) Methodology of the Floodgap Gopher Statistics project
 (TXT) How to interpret the Gopher Statistics graphs
 (GIF) Multi-month rolling Public Proxy usage trend bar graph
       -- Month-to-month data (updated monthly) --
 (TXT) How to interpret the Gopher Statistics graphs
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 (GIF) 2007-06.gif
 (GIF) 2007-07.gif
 (GIF) 2007-08.gif
 (GIF) 2007-09.gif
 (GIF) 2007-10.gif
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 (GIF) 2007-12.gif
 (GIF) 2008-01.gif
 (GIF) 2008-02.gif
 (GIF) 2008-03.gif
 (GIF) 2008-04.gif
 (GIF) 2008-05.gif
 (GIF) 2008-06.gif
 (GIF) 2008-07.gif
 (GIF) 2008-08.gif
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 (GIF) 2008-12.gif
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 (GIF) 2009-04.gif
 (GIF) 2009-05.gif
 (GIF) 2009-06.gif
 (GIF) 2009-07.gif
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 (GIF) 2009-09.gif
 (GIF) 2009-10.gif
 (GIF) 2009-11.gif
 (GIF) 2009-12.gif
 (GIF) 2010-01.gif
 (GIF) 2010-02.gif
 (GIF) 2010-03.gif
 (GIF) 2010-04.gif
 (GIF) 2010-05.gif
 (GIF) 2010-06.gif
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 (GIF) 2010-10.gif
 (GIF) 2010-11.gif
 (GIF) 2010-12.gif
 (GIF) 2011-01.gif
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 (GIF) 2011-03.gif
 (GIF) 2011-04.gif
 (GIF) 2011-05.gif
 (GIF) 2011-06.gif
 (GIF) 2011-09.gif
 (GIF) 2011-10.gif
 (GIF) 2011-11.gif
 (GIF) 2011-12.gif
 (GIF) 2012-01.gif
 (GIF) 2012-02.gif
 (GIF) 2012-03.gif
 (GIF) 2012-04.gif
 (GIF) 2012-05.gif
 (GIF) 2012-06.gif
 (GIF) 2012-07.gif
 (GIF) 2012-08.gif
 (GIF) 2012-09.gif
 (GIF) 2012-10.gif
 (GIF) 2012-11.gif
 (GIF) 2012-12.gif
 (GIF) 2013-01.gif
 (GIF) 2013-02.gif
 (GIF) 2013-03.gif
 (GIF) 2013-04.gif
 (GIF) 2013-05.gif
 (GIF) 2013-06.gif
 (GIF) 2013-07.gif
 (GIF) 2013-08.gif
 (GIF) 2013-09.gif
 (GIF) 2013-10.gif
 (GIF) 2013-11.gif
 (GIF) 2013-12.gif
 (GIF) 2014-01.gif
 (GIF) 2014-02.gif
 (GIF) 2014-03.gif
 (GIF) 2014-04.gif
 (GIF) 2014-05.gif
 (GIF) 2014-06.gif
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 (GIF) 2014-08.gif
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 (GIF) 2014-10.gif
 (GIF) 2014-11.gif
 (GIF) 2014-12.gif
 (GIF) 2015-01.gif
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 (GIF) 2015-03.gif
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 (GIF) 2015-05.gif
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 (GIF) 2015-08.gif
 (GIF) 2015-09.gif
 (GIF) 2015-10.gif
 (GIF) 2015-11.gif
 (GIF) 2015-12.gif
 (GIF) 2016-01.gif
 (GIF) 2016-02.gif
 (GIF) 2016-03.gif
 (GIF) 2016-04.gif
 (GIF) 2016-05.gif
 (GIF) 2016-06.gif
 (GIF) 2016-07.gif
 (GIF) 2016-08.gif
 (GIF) 2016-09.gif
 (GIF) 2016-10.gif
 (GIF) 2016-11.gif
 (GIF) 2016-12.gif
 (GIF) 2017-01.gif
 (GIF) 2017-02.gif
 (GIF) 2017-03.gif
 (GIF) 2017-04.gif
 (GIF) 2017-05.gif
 (GIF) 2017-06.gif
 (GIF) 2017-07.gif
 (GIF) 2017-08.gif
 (GIF) 2017-09.gif
 (GIF) 2017-10.gif
 (GIF) 2017-11.gif
 (GIF) 2017-12.gif
 (GIF) 2018-01.gif
 (GIF) 2018-02.gif
 (GIF) 2018-03.gif
 (GIF) 2018-04.gif
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 (GIF) 2018-12.gif
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