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 (DIR) Radiation-hardened Quine: A quine that works after any one chara...
       77 points by sirnicolaz (14 comments)
 (DIR) 27 years later and the Psion 3a is still wonderful
       45 points by bishopsmother (22 comments)
 (DIR) Parachute use to prevent death and major trauma when jumping fro...
       90 points by siraben (42 comments)
 (DIR) Show HN: HN Resume to Jobs - AI Powered Job Matching Tailored to...
       100 points by SCUSKU (36 comments)
 (DIR) How to make fancy road trip maps with R and OpenStreetMap
       136 points by sebg (29 comments)
 (DIR) Cakelisp: A performance-oriented Lisp-like language
       24 points by ducktective (1 comments)
 (DIR) Targeted attack on our management with the Triangulation Trojan
       32 points by madmanweb (6 comments)
 (DIR) Vectorization: Introduction
       257 points by gsav (68 comments)
 (DIR) Show HN: Local implementation of text-to-3D using Shap-E
       34 points by kedzkiest (1 comments)
 (DIR) Memfault (YC W19) Is Hiring a Product Manager in Berlin - DevOps...
       1 points (job listing)
 (DIR) Show HN: Verify LLM Generated Code with a Spreadsheet
       25 points by narush (4 comments)
 (DIR) Ask HN: Who got hired from HN?
       145 points by shreyshnaccount (103 comments)
 (DIR) Brave Browser introduces vertical tabs
       238 points by czottmann (188 comments)
 (DIR) Judge rules Wyoming corner crossers did not trespass
       436 points by bikenaga (284 comments)
 (DIR) Notes on training BERT from scratch on an 8GB consumer GPU
       87 points by montebicyclelo (9 comments)
 (DIR) What are the enduring innovations of Lisp? (2022)
       166 points by eslaught (138 comments)
 (DIR) Usenet over NNCP
       101 points by ecliptik (35 comments)
 (DIR) Undetectable Watermarks for Language Models
       90 points by cryptohell (47 comments)
 (DIR) The work is never just "the work" (2022)
       86 points by davestewart (28 comments)
 (DIR) It's not wrong that "[?]".length == 7 (2019)
       161 points by triyambakam (150 comments)
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