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 (TXT) (2024-07-15) I need to take a break again
 (TXT) (2024-07-08) The future of keypad mobile applications (or lack thereof)
 (TXT) (2024-07-01) Time needs to be reformed
 (TXT) (2024-06-24) Cry of a turtle
 (TXT) (2024-06-17) Wind of change, part 2
 (TXT) (2024-06-10) Wind of change (recent news)
 (TXT) (2024-06-03) Greed is bad
 (TXT) (2024-05-27) A small crypto rant
 (TXT) (2024-05-20) A look from another side of the spectrum... again
 (TXT) (2024-05-13) The grand finale watch
 (TXT) (2024-05-06) On tablet PCs
 (TXT) (2024-04-29) When an interesting watch is boring... as it should be
 (TXT) (2024-04-22) I updated my baseline watch requirements, and they sadden me
 (TXT) (2024-08-15) No news, sorry
 (TXT) (2024-04-08) A few more words about DOS
 (TXT) (2024-03-25) I need to take a break (for two weeks)
 (TXT) (2024-03-18) The Graphene Saga: part 2
 (TXT) (2024-03-11) The Graphene Saga: part 1
 (TXT) (2024-03-04) Android and several other things this week
 (TXT) (2024-02-26) Luxferre's ten commandments
 (TXT) (2024-02-19) Got into Tron by necessity, staying due to curiosity
 (TXT) (2024-02-12) Cosa Nostr-a
 (TXT) (2024-02-05) Busting Stereotypes ep.666: featuring ed and rlwrap
 (TXT) (2024-01-29) Elite in AWK: the beginning
 (TXT) (2024-01-22) Let's play some cards... in POSIX AWK
 (TXT) (2024-01-15) State of my A1370 (so far) and some minor news
 (TXT) (2024-01-08) Minimalism strikes again: Kindle, Alpine and TUI-first mindset
 (TXT) (2024-01-01) In 2024, HTML2 still is (almost) everything you really need
 (TXT) (2023-12-25) Pen and paper cryptography: breaking down what's still worth
 (TXT) (2023-12-18) On passion
 (TXT) (2023-12-11) There is something special about Toki Pona, isn't it?
 (TXT) (2023-12-04) I am a dreamer. Sort of
 (TXT) (2023-11-27) Got a Tristar... What now?
 (TXT) (2023-11-20) Is this the true end of the epoch for Nokia phones? Not sure yet
 (TXT) (2023-11-13) Small events, big impact
 (TXT) (2023-11-06) The myth and the curse of "entry-level" products
 (TXT) (2023-10-30) On EDC, one of the greatest fads of our time and place
 (TXT) (2023-10-23) Several new things and my first impressions about them
 (TXT) (2023-10-16) Docker, Gopher and analogue lifestyle
 (TXT) (2023-10-09) Calming down
 (TXT) (2023-10-02) Can a hacker's watch be... mechanical?
 (TXT) (2023-09-25) How I started learning OCaml... and paused it
 (TXT) (2023-09-18) A bit more on mechs
 (TXT) (2023-09-11) Where to move on from C?
 (TXT) (2023-09-04) When marketing beats common sense... again
 (TXT) (2023-08-28) Another basic but iconic analogue watch movement
 (TXT) (2023-08-22) Old chips, new perspectives
 (TXT) (2023-08-17) The future of nntrac
 (TXT) (2023-08-10) The world we live in: the maxim of Arkham
 (TXT) (2023-08-05) Saving the oldest embedded scripting language from extinction
 (TXT) (2023-07-29) Switching from (Neo)Vim to... my own text editor
 (TXT) (2023-07-24) Turn off syntax highlighting and start living the full life
 (TXT) (2023-07-17) A week of exploration
 (TXT) (2023-07-10) So, you only have $100 for a watch... What to choose?
 (TXT) (2023-07-03) When will you learn to... learn?
 (TXT) (2023-06-30) Why cassette tapes are still relevant
 (TXT) (2023-06-23) On "user-friendliness", part 2: input methods
 (TXT) (2023-06-16) When unpopularity is a good thing
 (TXT) (2023-06-12) On watches in 2023
 (TXT) (2023-06-05) On the perception of minimalism
 (TXT) (2023-05-31) Why I consider danmaku the best (graphic-based) game genre ever
 (TXT) (2023-05-25) Domain-specific languages as a mindset
 (TXT) (2023-05-21) Pix64 in the browser: it was boring but necessary
 (TXT) (2023-05-17) Fixing the only serious flaw in the only good "fantasy console"
 (TXT) (2023-05-13) Changing the pace
 (TXT) (2023-05-12) cp != mv, or the 9001th post about copyright and copyleft
 (TXT) (2023-05-11) Impossible solutions just take longer
 (TXT) (2023-05-10) The perfection of imperfection
 (TXT) (2023-05-09) CHIP-8 revisited
 (TXT) (2023-05-08) Making POSIX AWK great again: introducing The Great Library
 (TXT) (2023-05-07) Choose freedom
 (TXT) (2023-05-06) "User-friendly" is wrong
 (TXT) (2023-05-05) An attempt to standardize memory-mapped I/O in M/OISC machines
 (TXT) (2023-05-04) If stuck with Busybox but need to run Forth, use... Subleq
 (TXT) (2023-05-03) Ode to 64K virtual machines
 (TXT) (2023-05-02) On semicolons in those C-like languages where they are optional
 (TXT) (2023-05-01) Thoughts about stream compression, part 2
 (TXT) (2023-04-30) The problem with "XY problem": why it might not be a problem
 (TXT) (2023-04-29) AWK is underrated, even in the POSIX variant
 (TXT) (2023-04-28) Giving ASCII art the third dimension
 (TXT) (2023-04-27) Brainfuck running in VTL-2 running in AWK. Why not?
 (TXT) (2023-04-26) Making VTL more AWKward
 (TXT) (2023-04-25) I wore an automatic watch for 30 days
 (TXT) (2023-04-24) (L)VTL as the starting point for LPC-oriented applications
 (TXT) (2023-04-23) "Yes - extensible is the key"
 (TXT) (2023-04-22) LVTL is out
 (TXT) (2023-04-21) Why VTL/VTL-2 is still relevant
 (TXT) (2023-04-20) A few words about DOS
 (TXT) (2023-04-19) Human-scale programming languages and the problem with them
 (TXT) (2023-04-18) ShellBeat is possible too, but...
 (TXT) (2023-04-17) Wait, what ecosystem?
 (TXT) (2023-04-16) AwkBeat is now a thing. Now what?
 (TXT) (2023-04-15) On sound in the world of minimalist computing
 (TXT) (2023-04-14) Some thoughts about simple stream compression
 (TXT) (2023-04-13) On serialization of binary chunks
 (TXT) (2023-04-12) On structured text data formats
 (TXT) (2023-04-11) Sharballs > Tarballs
 (TXT) (2023-04-10) ReThyncing DevOps
 (TXT) (2023-04-10) Why HTTP/0.9 sucks but still matters
 (TXT) (2023-04-09) On reliable timekeeping on slow networks
 (TXT) (2023-04-08) On permacomputing, frugal computing and other buzzwords
 (TXT) (2023-04-07) Modern instant messaging solves non-existing problems
 (TXT) (2023-04-06) Why I have patched Pocket Gopher
 (TXT) (2023-04-05) Why is Gopher important to me?
 (TXT) (2023-04-04) To wrap or not to wrap? (just my opinion)
 (TXT) (2023-04-03) Finally here