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       Public Access UNIX Systems (PAUS) are a type of server that provide
       various services to a multi-user community.  They first began in th
       early 1980's and continue today. Early servers ran various flavors 
       UNIX, hence the name Public Access "UNIX" Systems, but later genera
       saw a large mix of Unix-variants and, of course, GNU/Linux.  To 
       recognize the many different operating systems online today, these 
       systems are increasingly referred to generically as "pubnixes".
       One of the enduring characteristics of pubnixes, beyond the simple 
       access to computational services, is the community that develops am
       each system's users.  These communities tend to have a particular f
       of shared interests, and in many ways it is within these communitie
       that the vision of a non-corporate Internet remains alive.
       The Pubnix History Project is a compilation of writings and resourc
       about the history of public access UNIX and GNU/Linux systems 
       (pubnixes).  Its goals are to document the history of these systems
       their communities, and to encourage ongoing participation by new 
       generations of users and sysadmins.
 (TXT) About This Project
 (TXT) References (WIP)
 (TXT) History Paper
 (DIR) nixpub lists (files)
 (TXT) How You Can Help
       The content below is a list of pubnix servers, past and present:
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        / _` / _|  _| \ V / -_) (_-</ -_) '_\ V / -_) '_(_-<
        \__,_\__|\__|_|\_/\___| /__/\___|_|  \_/\___|_| /__/
        Servers that are online now, or that been very recently.
       This list contains a link to the file in which information will be
       compiled about a server, as well as any known WWW links (and soon
       Gopher links) to the server.  
 (TXT) Aussie Tilde
 (HTM) https://aussies.space
 (TXT) Blinkenshell
 (HTM) https://blinkenshell.org
 (TXT) Circumlunar Space
 (HTM) http://circumlunar.space
 (TXT) colorfield.space
 (DIR) gopher://colorfield.space
 (TXT) Cosmic Voyage
 (HTM) https://cosmic.voyage
 (TXT) crime.team
 (HTM) https://crime.team
 (TXT) Ctrl-C Club
 (HTM) http://ctrl-c.club
 (TXT) Devio.us
 (HTM) https://devi.ous
 (TXT) EchoNYC
 (HTM) https://www.echonyc.com
 (TXT) envs.net
 (HTM) https://envs.net
 (TXT) Eskimo
 (HTM) https://eskimo.com
 (TXT) Freeshell.de
 (HTM) https://freeshell.de
 (TXT) Grex
 (HTM) https://grex.org
 (TXT) hackers.cool
 (HTM) http://hackers.cool
 (TXT) hashbang
 (HTM) https://hashbang.sh
 (TXT) M-Net
 (HTM) http://www.arbornet.org/m-net.php
 (TXT) medialab
 (HTM) http://medialab.freaknet.org
 (TXT) nand.club
 (HTM) http://nand.club
 (TXT) Ninth Floor
 (HTM) https://ninthfloor.org/
 (TXT) Nyx
 (HTM) https://nyx.net
 (TXT) Palvelin Club
 (HTM) https://palvelin.club
 (TXT) Panix
 (HTM) http://panix.com
 (TXT) pebble.ink
 (HTM) https://pebble.ink
 (TXT) Polar Home
 (HTM) http://www.polarhome.com/
 (TXT) protocol.club
 (HTM) http://protocol.club
 (TXT) RadioFreqs.space
 (HTM) https://radiofreqs.space
 (TXT) rawtext.club
 (HTM) https://rawtext.club
 (TXT) remotes.club
 (HTM) https://remotes.club
 (TXT) rw.rs
 (HTM) http://rw.rs/
 (TXT) SDF.org
 (HTM) https://sdf.org
 (TXT) xshellz
 (HTM) https://xshellz.org
 (TXT) SkyLab
 (HTM) https://skylab.org
 (TXT) squiggle city
 (HTM) https://squiggle.city
 (TXT) st0rage
 (TXT) https://st0rage.org
 (TXT) thunix II
 (HTM) https://thunix.net
 (TXT) tilde.black
 (HTM) https://tilde.black
 (TXT) tilde.camp
 (HTM) https://tilde.camp
 (TXT) tilde.cat
 (HTM) https://tilde.cat
 (TXT) tilde.center
 (HTM) https://tilde.center
 (TXT) tilde.club
 (HTM) https://tilde.club
 (TXT) tilde.cow
 (HTM) http://tilde.cow
 (TXT) tilde.fun
 (HTM) https://tilde.fun
 (TXT) tilde.institute
 (HTM) https://tilde.institute
 (TXT) tilde.pink
 (DIR) gopher://tilde.pink
 (TXT) tilde.red
 (HTM) https://tilde.red
 (TXT) tilde.team
 (HTM) https://tilde.team
 (TXT) tilde.town
 (HTM) https://tilde.town
 (TXT) tilde.works
 (HTM) https:/tilde.works
 (TXT) tildespark
 (HTM) https://tilde.spark
 (TXT) your.tilde
 (HTM) https://yourtilde.com
 (TXT) The Well
 (HTM) https://www.well.com
         _ __  __ _ __| |_   ___ ___ _ ___ _____ _ _ ___
        | '_ \/ _` (_-<  _| (_-</ -_) '_\ V / -_) '_(_-<
        | .__/\__,_/__/\__| /__/\___|_|  \_/\___|_| /__/
        |_| Servers that have gone offline permanently.
       This list contains the best known name of a server (in some
       cases, simply their UUCP name) and a link to the file in
       which information will be compiled about the server.
       YOU CAN HELP! This section represents the deepest past of
       Public Access UNIX Systems (most of these *were* UNIX
       variants and not Linux), and this project needs more
       historical accounts to correct and fill out this information.
 (TXT) admiral
 (TXT) agora
 (TXT) alphacm
 (TXT) althea
 (TXT) anet
 (TXT) anomaly
 (TXT) amazing
 (TXT) ankh
 (TXT) aparg
 (TXT) atdt
 (TXT) atrium
 (TXT) attctc
 (TXT) Big Electric Cat
 (TXT) bigtex
 (TXT) bliver
 (TXT) bucket
 (TXT) Castle
 (TXT) cguild
 (TXT) chariot
 (TXT) chief
 (TXT) Chinet
 (TXT) cinnet
 (TXT) conexch
 (TXT) contact
 (TXT) cpro
 (TXT) cruzio
 (TXT) ddsw1
 (TXT) Deep Thought
 (TXT) dhw68k
 (TXT) Digex
 (TXT) disk
 (TXT) Duck Pond
 (TXT) esfenn
 (TXT) eklektik
 (TXT) floyd
 (TXT) gagme
 (TXT) gensis
 (TXT) gorn
 (TXT) grebyn
 (TXT) herky
 (TXT) i-core
 (TXT) igloo
 (TXT) jdyx
 (TXT) jolnet
 (TXT) joshua
 (TXT) killer
 (TXT) kiss
 (TXT) lgnp1
 (TXT) lilink
 (TXT) loft386
 (TXT) lunapark
 (TXT) lunatix
 (TXT) m2xenix
 (TXT) madnix
 (TXT) magpie
 (TXT) marob
 (TXT) medsys
 (TXT) mlink
 (TXT) ncoast
 (TXT) nshore
 (TXT) netcom
 (TXT) netsys
 (TXT) nixbbs
 (TXT) nixsyspaus
 (TXT) nstar
 (TXT) nuchat
 (TXT) nucleus
 (TXT) nwnexus
 (TXT) nycenet
 (TXT) oldcolo
 (TXT) ozdaltx
 (TXT) pallas
 (TXT) pedro
 (TXT) pinn
 (TXT) pnet01
 (TXT) pnet02
 (TXT) pnet51
 (TXT) point
 (TXT) polari
 (TXT) portal
 (TXT) prapc2
 (TXT) proper
 (TXT) r-node
 (TXT) rpp386
 (TXT) robstoy
 (TXT) rtmvax
 (TXT) sactoh0
 (TXT) schunix
 (TXT) sharks
 (TXT) Silence Is Defeat
 (TXT) sir-alan
 (TXT) sixhub
 (TXT) slacbbs
 (TXT) socal
 (TXT) Solaria
 (TXT) spies
 (TXT) stanton
 (TXT) sugar
 (TXT) tronsbox
 (TXT) raider
 (TXT) telly
 (TXT) thunix I
 (TXT) tmsoft
 (TXT) tnl
 (TXT) turnkey
 (TXT) ubbs-nh
 (TXT) unirot
 (TXT) uport
 (TXT) usource
 (TXT) uuwest
 (TXT) vicstoy
 (TXT) vpnet
 (TXT) warble
 (TXT) wet
 (TXT) wolves
 (TXT) xroads
 (TXT) ziebmef
 (TXT) zorch
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