The Mare  Serenitatis Circumlunar  Corporate Republic  (the Republic
       for short)  is part  of the universe,  whose main
       colonies  are  this server  and  the  Mare Tranquillitatis  People's
       Circumlunar Zaibatsu (the Zaibatsu for short), but including several
       smaller outposts.
 (DIR) Greater Universe
       The Republic  is a public Unix  shell server that offers  gopher and
       static web hosting,  as well as shell accounts to  those who ask, at
       no  cost.  Emphasis  is  on minimal  and  text-based  utilities  and
       protocols, in particular gopher. It is completely non-commercial and
       offers  a text-based  haven for  those frustrated  by the  corporate
       takeover, bloat and ever-present surveillance of the modern web.
       Users  get a  shell login  and  500MB of  space with  which to  host
       a  gopherspace  or  webspace,  and  can  participate  in  the  wider
       circumlunar  community via  a shared,  text-based BBS,  inter-server
       email, and a private IRC network.
       The  Republic  runs   FreeBSD  out  of  a  hosting   center  in  the
       Netherlands, and  is maintained  by slugmax. He  can be  reached via
       Internet email at, or,  for users on the Republic
       or Zaibatsu,
 (TXT) Signup for a Republic user account