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       +- Welcome
       | Welcome to my *GutenSite/Gopherhole* here on
       | Mare Serenitatis Circumlunar Corporate Republic.
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       +- About me
       | My name is Cléber, I'm a software developer that
       | lives in Brazil. I was aways a "terminal guy", but
       | lately I'm feeling SO tired of the Web and all that
       | sensorial overload plus SO MANY USELESS DOWNLOADS,
       | besides the 15 MILLION lines of code of Firefox,
       | that I'm loving Gopher and terminal based
       | applications even more.
       | I like to read phlogs, specially because the content
       | seems to come, in general, from intelligent and
       | articulated people. Beside that, the text-only
       | interface creates a wonderful sense of
       | transcedentality: most of the entries could
       | easily have been written 10 or 20 years earlier.
       | Sometimes even more. They seem timeless and, somehow,
       | ETERNAL.
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