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 (TXT) 2022-05-12 - Measuring stick for DBH measurements
 (TXT) 2022-03-18 - Fieldwork in Namibia
 (TXT) 2022-03-15 - Building adjustable tree mounts for camera traps
 (TXT) 2022-02-19 - Thoughts on setting up permanent vegetation monitoring 
 (TXT) 2022-02-18 - Omajowa mushrooms
 (TXT) 2022-01-19 - Ecology projects and acronyms
 (TXT) 2022-01-15 - Food on New Year's Eve
 (TXT) 2022-01-10 - Atom notebooks
 (TXT) 2022-01-05 - Making bark thickness punches
 (TXT) 2021-12-30 - Pros and cons of conducting ecological fieldwork with O
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