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 (TXT) (2020-11-23) Bypassing Macbook Air Firmware Passwords
 (TXT) (2020-11-19) No Mozilla, We Don't Want You To Break The Web
 (TXT) (2020-11-17) Why I'm Not Buying An Arm Laptop
 (TXT) (2020-11-15) The Difference Between Macs and Thinkpads
 (TXT) (2020-11-12) Old OSes On New Small Hardware
 (TXT) (2020-11-10) Replacing Macdown In OpenBSD
 (TXT) (2020-11-09) Trying To Be Internally Consistent
 (TXT) (2020-11-08) Building Sustainable Electronics
 (TXT) (2020-11-02) Fixing Nextcloud Client on OpenBSD
 (TXT) (2020-11-01) Building Kristall Gemini/Gopher client on OpenBSD
 (TXT) (2020-10-31) In Which I Fail To Computer
 (TXT) (2020-10-29) Angelheaded Hipsters
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