Many many thanks to Solarpunk at for providing this amazing
        (and free) community and hosting
       A generation-X husband, gamer and outdoor enthusiast, currently learning the
        world of developing, making and hacking (in it's real sense, not the tabloid
 (HTM) Personal Home Page (web)
 (HTM) My Gemini Capsule
       Right now, this is just a little piece of home on a cool "old internet" way
        of serving old-school style personal pages, just like the net used to be
        before FAANG (etc)... when time allows this year, I'll start doing some
        occasional blogging ("Phlog") here alongside my occasionally
        updated weblog and Gemlog.
       Will it be gripping, amazing and mind-blowing content? Probably not, but
        it'll be mine and you're free to enjoy it, share it or ignore it :-)
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