~Shufei’s Tech Inklings~
       I’m no techie sorceress, but shall herein inscribe some of my tips,
       tricks, and tribulations in the hopes someone may find them of 
       value.  As a perpetual naïf in such endeavours, my perspective might
       aid those aiming to make tech projects more lucid or accessible.
       Ive been nagging the rodentinati to please make gopher clients 
       support ANSI colour escapes.  Several hardy and able souls have 
       taken up the task, bless them, and made clients which support 
       colour, to the benefit of ASCII art aficionados and all those who 
       find terminal colour to be an ineffable joy.
            /\  ###    \
           /. \__###____\
            | |        |
            |^| 田  田 |
                ¥   ¥
               瓜   瓜
       Being the record of my work to create and maintain a small scale 
       solar power electric system for my Baba Yaga cottage.  Also, the 
       restoration and continued enhancement of said cottage itself.
       Ham radio, shortwave, meshnet, emcom, &c.
       I’m trying (slowly, too slowly) to learn a dash of Lisp (mainly CL 
       and Racket).  I am also heaps interested in 文言程序語言 (WYLang).
       Here I shall hopefully drop a few projects which might be of 
       interest to other muddled code greenhorns, along with my impressions
       of awe.  Please support and critique my clumsy efforts!