(TXT) ROOPHLOCH 2022 Announcement
       ROOPHLOCH 2022 participants are listed below, in alphabetical order of
       their name/handle; ROOPHLOCH is not a race, so there is no glory in
       being the first to post and no shame in the being the last!
 (TXT) dokuja (actual post)
 (DIR) dokuja (explanation)
 (TXT) joneworlds
 (TXT) losthalo
 (TXT) nm03
 (HTM) ploum (Gemini)
 (TXT) r0
 (HTM) shufei (Gemini)
 (TXT) The Free Thinker
 (HTM) tomasino (Gemini)
 (TXT) visiblink
 (DIR) xiled