Gophernicus server uptime leaderboard
       Kim Holviala's popular Gophernicus gopher server has an automatically
       generated selector (/server-status) which displays some server
       statistics, including details such as uptime, number of requests
       answered and number of kilobytes served.  I've written a simple Python
       script to scrape this content for all the Gophernicus-powered gopher
       servers I know of, and nicely format the results into a leaderboard,
       showing who has the most uptime.
       I wrote this mostly for fun and out of curiosity as to the results.  I
       hope it might be useful for people thinking of joining a free
       gopherspace provider who want to make an informed choice, but remember
       that uptime isn't everything, and sometimes restarts are unavoidable
       Often they're outside of the admin's power.
 (TXT) View the leaderboard
 (TXT) See the scraping script