Connection established. Processing...
       The console before you finally sputters to life, printing a scroll of
       text - the last hour of fiddling with antennas seems to have paid off,
       after all. You sit within a concealed nook at the outer edge of the
       Mare Tranquillitatis People's Circumlunar Zaibatsu, a portable terminal
       and radio transmitter/receiver alongside you. Your eyes scan over each
       line of the data before you.
       Somewhere deep within the rotting biome of the Zaibatsu, a system hosts
       and transmits a datastream known as "valravn's transmissions." It shares 
       data pertaining to events local to this sector of the solar system, as
       well as the personal musings of its administrator. Normally, this stream
       is encrypted; from here, however, you can just barely connect to a system
       providing a limited cleartext variant.
       The data is organized into a few sections:
 (DIR) information
       Introductions, for me and this space.
 (DIR) *log - valravn's transmissions
       Musings on my personal experiences and interests.
 (DIR) hacks - projects and scripts
       A couple bits of software, of questionable quality.
 (DIR) exit to the zaibatsu