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 (TXT) /2023/05/10 Proportional fonts for coding?  No thank you
 (TXT) /2023/05/01 The Case of the Inconsistent Consistent Chirp
 (TXT) /2023/03/22 Preloading Lua modules, part III
 (TXT) /2023/03/13 Notes on optimizing an O(n)+C algorithm where the C matters quite a bit
 (TXT) /2023/03/13 “We couldn't pause TV and we couldn't just fast forward through the commercials!  Gather around kids, and I shall tell more horror tales of the past …”
 (TXT) /2023/03/07 So frustrated that I have no one to scream at, which may be the point why it's so hard to get ahold of customer representatives at tech companies these days
 (TXT) /2023/03/06 Another attempt at a “unit test”
 (TXT) /2023/03/01 I'm seriously wondering who is trolling who at this point
 (TXT) /2023/02/24 A branchless segment of code to generate a printable hexadecimal value
 (TXT) /2023/02/23 A breakdown of the triple-star pointer
 (TXT) /2023/02/16 I guess now Bunny can add “upholsterer” to her list of hobbies
 (TXT) /2023/02/13 The Nile is nice this time of year
 (TXT) /2023/02/04 Notes about an overheard conversation while driving home
 (TXT) /2023/01/24 Notes on a seriously first world problem
 (TXT) /2023/01/24 Notes on an overheard conversation about “Muskrat Love” as it played on satellite radio
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