(DIR) Floodgap Systems gopher root
       Welcome to Gopherspace!
       These documents and files should help you get started with
       using and creating gopher content.
 (TXT) Does this gopher menu look correct?
       -- All about gopher -----------------------------------------------
 (TXT) A Brief Introduction to Gopherspace -- READ ME FIRST!
 (TXT) Why is gopher still relevant?
       "Thinking of it like that, a method of easily serving directories
       of data, rather than a scaled down web makes the whole thing more
       appealing I think." -- Rob Sayers
 (TXT) Robert Bigelow: Gopher & Gopherspace
 (TXT) Wired 08/2010: The Web Is Dead. Long Live The Internet.
       (Wired 08/2010. We'll take this down if Wired objects.)
 (TXT) The creators of Gopherspace at UMN (Star Tribune 11/5/01)
 (TXT) Using your web browser to explore Gopherspace
       (and why you shouldn't use Internet Explorer)
 (DIR) The Overbite Project: Gopher clients for mobile and desktop (OverbiteWX, OverbiteNX, Overbite Android)
       (download Overbite clients for your operating system
       or browser, including Firefox!)
 (DIR) Patches and clients for other legacy platforms
       -- Creating your own gopher ---------------------------------------
       Create your own gopherspace and come forward into the past!
       Don't have your own server? Create it for free at SDF! Or, if you
       have your own Unix machine with Perl, install
 (DIR) The Bucktooth gopher server
       Then get started creating your own content. Take a look at the
 (DIR) The Gopher Toybox: sample gophermaps to create your own server
       to download a sample set of files you can modify yourself!
       This is public domain.
       -- Share your gopherspace -----------------------------------------
       Now that it's running, tell everyone about it!
       Get a dual-purpose social media link with the fld.gp shortener:
 (DIR) Floodgap Gopher Shortener Service
       Did you just put a completely new server online?
       Tell us about your new server and Veronica will come index it:
 (DIR) New gopher servers since 1999
       -- Reference documentation ----------------------------------------
 (DIR) Technical specifications, RFCs, documents
       ** Points to ponder:
       [We] like to consider the hundreds of interconnected
       Gopher servers to be one large distributed entity; thus,
       we speak of "the Gopher", with its many small parts,
       spread throughout the Internet. The Gopher is always
       growing, always changing. It's everywhere, but you can't
       locate it; it's always there, but you can't see it. ...
       The Gopher is the largest and most practical example of
       applied pantheism in the history of mankind.
             Hahn; Stout. The Internet Complete Reference (1994)
 (TXT) "In The Beginning Was The Command Line"
       by Neil Stephenson