(DIR) Floodgap Systems gopher root
       This section specifically covers legacy clients. If you're
       looking for our Firefox or Android clients, see
 (DIR) The Overbite Project: Gopher clients for mobile and desktop (OverbiteWX, OverbiteNX, Overbite Android)
       And if you're feeling particularly brave, try out
 (DIR) The New GopherVR: A Virtual Reality View of Gopherspace
       All software is freeware or shareware to the best of our knowledge.
       If this is not the case, please contact
       and we will remove the program.
       Also check out the public FTP at
       for other goodies.
 (DIR) Clients for generic Windows (Win3.1, Win95 and up)
 (DIR) Clients for Macintosh, including GopherVR and Classilla
       (this is the original Mac Classic GopherVR)
 (DIR) Clients for Unix and other platforms, in source form
 (DIR) Clients for Commodore 64
 (DIR) Clients for OpenVMS
 (DIR) Clients for Alpha Micro AMOS
 (DIR) Patch to enable Gopher in IE6