# Flexibeast's gopherspace
       Welcome to my small corner of gopherspace. :-) Thanks to slugmax for
       the hosting!
       My name is Alexis; i live in Melbourne, Australia. i have a gemlog:
       My interests include (amongst other things):
       ## Software documentation and programming.
       i'm fairly fluent in Perl and Emacs Lisp, but i also have some basic
       familiarity with such languages as C and Haskell, and have recently
       started learning Rust. i enjoy writing LaTeX and mdoc(7) markup. i'm
       the author and maintainer of several Emacs packages, with repositories
       on GitHub.
 (HTM) mdoc(7) man page
 (HTM) My GitHub page
       ## Unix-y OSes
       In particular, Linux and OpenBSD.
       i'm a member of the Void Linux team, mainly working on Void's
 (HTM) Void Linux Web site
 (HTM) Void Handbook
       i run Void on my personal laptop, and OpenBSD on my private
       server. As i spend much of my time in Emacs - for example, i use mu4e
       as my MUA, and ERC as my IRC client - it will come as no surprise that
       i use the excellent elpher gemini/gopher client, for which i've
       submitted a couple of patches.
 (HTM) mu/mu4e
 (DIR) elpher
       ## Mathematics
       Mainly category theory and algebraic logic. i find topos theory and
       non-classical logics fascinating.
       ## Philosophy of mathematics and philosophy of science
       Philosophically, i'm a mathematical relativist, in the sense described
       by Andrej Bauer in his post "Am I a constructive mathematician?":
 (HTM) Am I a constructive mathematician?
       ## Non-commercial music radio
       i'm a member of local community radio station 3PBS:
 (HTM) PBS Web site