Over the last year or two I have noticed a resurgence of interest
       in gopher, with a number of new gopher communities springing up
       that provide gopher hosting at no cost to anyone who wishes to
       use the services.
       The flip side of this increased interest in gopher is the
       decreased support for gopher in contemporary web browsers.
       Firefox removed native gopher support with version 4, but you
       could always add it back by installing the OverbiteFF add-on.
       That changed when Firefox released version 57, which is no
       longer compatible with the add-on.
       Current work-arounds include the OverbiteWX add-on, which
       integrates access to the Floodgap gopher proxy into recent
       versions of Firefox. Another option is to use the Seamonkey
       browser since -- at least for the time being -- it is still
       compatible with the OverbiteFF add-on. Depending on which OS you
       are using, you may be able to use an old version of Seamonkey
       that had *native* support for gopher. I have Seamonkey 1.1.19
       installed on a Windows 7 machine. I use that Seamonkey
       installation exclusively as a gopher client.
       You can get old versions of Seamonkey here:
 (HTM) Old Seamonkey Releases
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       forecasts at Weather Maniac.
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