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       # Who is Ben?
       2023 annual self-identification:
       Greetings from this earth-based life-form named Ben.  My identity
       partakes in a dynamic, ideological flow containing infinite causal
       links and repercussions.  Where did i come from?  The infinite. 
       Beautiful patterns ripple through our consciousness like the play of
       light in water caustics.  When we are able to reach each other and
       feel seen, heard, and inspired, i call that good fortune.  I tend to
       be introverted and serious.  I prefer to socialize one-on-one.  I
       like to explore and learn at my own pace.  I love this Earth-Planet.
       # Quotes
       > How can you buy or sell the sky, the warmth of the land?  The
       > idea is strange to us.  If we do not own the freshness of the air
       > or the sparkle of the water, how can you buy them?  Every part of
       > the Earth is sacred to my people, every shining pine needle, every
       > sandy shore, every mist in the dark woods, every clear and humming
       > insect is holy.  --Chief Seattle
       > I am part of the sun as my eye is part of me.  That I am part of
       > the earth my feet know perfectly, and my blood is part of the sea.
       > There is not any of me that is alone and absolute except my mind,
       > and we shall find that the mind has no existence by itself, it is
       > only the glitter of the sun on the surfaces of the water.  --D.H.
       > Lawrence
       > Who am I?  It matters not that you know who I am; it is of little
       > importance.  This clay garment is one of a penniless pilgrim
       > journeying in the name of peace.  It is what you cannot see that is
       > so very important. ... There is a spark of good in everybody, no
       > matter how deeply it may be buried.  It is the real you. ...  Inner
       > peace is found by facing life squarely, solving its problems, and
       > delving as far beneath its surface as possible to discover its
       > verities and realities.  --Peace Pilgrim
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       My .plan has my email contact information.
 (TXT) finger://bencollver@tilde.pink
       Earth-Planet, Universe