I (almost accidentally!) started designing a new lightweight,
       text-centric internet protocol heavily inspired by Gopher in a series
       of posts in my phlog.  Many more people proved to be much more
       interested in this than I expected, and so the project - now known as
       Project Gemini - eventually moved to a separate parallel phlog and
       then to its own server.
       Nowadays the official place to get up-to-date information on the
       project is at:
 (DIR) gemini.circumlunar.space
       (accessible not just via gopher but also HTTPS and, naturally, Gemini
       There you'll find plenty of links into the Gemini community, including
       the mailing list where most discussion/development now happens.
       Below you will find, maintained for posterity, all the posts from that
       "parallel phlog" of the early days where things developed at a
       lightning pace, along with links to the posts in my regular phlog
       which started the whole mess.  They're probably not the quickest or
       easiest way to get acquainted with Gemini from scratch, but once
       you've got your bearings, if you're really interested this is a great
       way to get some insight into what drove some of the major design
 (TXT) (2019-08-17) Announcing GeGoBi, a Gemini-Gopher bi-hoster
 (TXT) (2019-08-16) Gemini mailing list
 (TXT) (2019-08-16) New server
 (TXT) (2019-08-13) Announcing Agena, a Gemini-to-Gopher proxy
 (TXT) (2019-08-11) Spec updates
 (TXT) (2019-08-11) New server
 (TXT) (2019-08-09) Request formats, virtual hosting and proxying
 (TXT) (2019-08-08) New servers
 (TXT) (2019-08-08) Status codes semi-finalised
 (TXT) (2019-07-29) Two proposed status schemes
 (TXT) (2019-07-25) Inputs and client certificates
 (TXT) (2019-07-21) Link syntax finalised
 (TXT) (2019-07-10) Link syntax, stagnation
 (TXT) (2019-07-03) Quick update on link syntax
 (TXT) (2019-06-27) Status codes
 (TXT) (2019-06-25) Gemini maps 3
 (TXT) (2019-06-24) Assorted small notes
 (TXT) (2019-06-24) Gemini in 100 lines
 (TXT) (2019-06-24) Slowing down
 (TXT) (2019-06-24) Gemini maps 2
 (TXT) (2019-06-23) Gemini maps
 (TXT) (2019-06-22) Cold blanketry
 (TXT) (2019-06-22) Gemini in the wild, AV-98
 (TXT) (2019-06-21) Redirection
 (TXT) (2019-06-21) TLS overhead
 (TXT) (2019-06-21) Featherweight text protocols
 (TXT) (2019-06-16) Protocol pondering intensifies, Pt III
 (TXT) (2019-06-16) Protocol pondering intensifies, Pt III
 (TXT) (2019-06-16) Protocol pondering intensifies, Pt II
 (TXT) (2019-06-12) The soul of gopher
 (TXT) (2019-04-07) More on gopher and crypto
 (TXT) (2019-03-31) Why gopher needs crypto
 (TXT) (2019-03-03) Pondering what's inbetween gopher and the web