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 (TXT) 20180409-Story-time
 (TXT) (2018-04-13) The Epic Struggle of the Internet of Things
 (TXT) (2018-04-13) Mental dominance of Javascript
 (TXT) Why you still must use RCS                                        [2017/11/17]
 (TXT) Encrypted Git remotes with git-remote-gcrypt                      [2017/10/07]
 (DIR) 2018.04.27 - Being prepared
 (DIR) 2018-04-29 - GDPR
 (TXT) 2018 May 13 The Berry Thought of You
 (DIR) Magick and Forces of Will
 (DIR) tokyogringo
 (DIR) 2018-07-14 - Flashcards
 (TXT) Why we don't need to rebuild the internet
 (TXT) Why I generally don't accept or display comments
 (DIR) Lightsabre Project
 (TXT) 230104-11 - Ebooks: Reading, Libre Books, Creating Ebooks
 (DIR) hlep's gopherhole on Dome