(TXT) 2024-07-20 Bots again
 (TXT) 2024-07-19 Trusting a self-signed certificate
 (TXT) 2024-07-16 What's the minimal NNCP setup to get started?
 (TXT) 2024-07-16 The Dark Net
 (TXT) 2024-07-15 One Page Dungeon Contest
 (TXT) 2024-07-14 Yvonand: Tour du Vallon des Vaux 
 (TXT) 2024-07-12 Sending files via NNCP
 (TXT) 2024-07-12 From Vallorbe to Orbe
 (TXT) 2024-07-11 Exim config for UUCP, NNCP and MSMTP
 (TXT) 2024-07-09 Murten
 (TXT) 2024-07-08 Neuchâtel
 (TXT) 2024-07-02 The importance of moderation
 (TXT) 2024-07-02 SSH hardening
 (TXT) 2024-06-30 Connecting the laptop to the server using UUCP
 (TXT) 2024-06-29 Sending mail from the laptop to the server via NNCP
 (TXT) 2024-06-28 Connecting the laptop to the server via NNCP
 (TXT) 2024-06-28 Summer
 (TXT) 2024-06-28 Biden
 (TXT) 2024-06-27 Keep your own archives
 (TXT) 2024-06-23 Adjudicating the difficulty
 (TXT) 2024-06-22 Lieu for niche search
 (TXT) 2024-06-22 Just Halberds
 (TXT) 2024-06-16 Show Table of Contents
 (TXT) 2024-06-15 Droid Charta
 (TXT) 2024-06-15 Old tech: UUCP
 (TXT) 2024-06-14 Morality, justice and the law
 (TXT) 2024-06-13 Anvil Editor and multiple cursors
 (TXT) 2024-06-07 Leukerbad
 (TXT) 2024-06-06 Learning to be a programmer
 (TXT) 2024-06-06 Flowers and bees
 (TXT) 2024-06-02 Slow worm
 (TXT) 2024-06-01 Fonts are important
 (TXT) 2024-05-23 Death and dying
 (TXT) 2024-05-16 IRC forever!
 (TXT) 2024-05-12 What to do about the climate?
 (TXT) 2024-05-11 Distractions
 (TXT) 2024-05-09 Hoping for the next AI winter
 (TXT) 2024-05-04 Any Dice
 (TXT) 2024-05-04 Flowers while walking
 (TXT) 2024-04-24 Micro-blogs
 (TXT) 2024-04-22 Gopher, again
 (TXT) 2024-04-17 A map generator for solo play
 (TXT) Maldives 2024
 (TXT) 2024-04-06 Travelling
 (TXT) 2024-04-05 Plant pictures from a walk
 (TXT) 2024-04-05 When there is nothing more to say…
 (TXT) 2024-04-04 An eye for an eye
 (TXT) 2024-04-03 Return to the office? Never!
 (TXT) 2024-04-03 We need more taxes
 (TXT) 2024-04-01 What’s the plan?
 (TXT) 2024-03-31 Went for a walk and saw some flowers
 (TXT) 2024-03-31 iPhone and iPad apps I use
 (TXT) 2024-03-27 Convert text file to PDF
 (TXT) 2024-03-27 Sick? Or Hayfever?
 (TXT) 2024-03-24 Bolle di Magadino
 (TXT) 2024-03-23 Isole de Brissago
 (TXT) 2024-03-23 Camellias
 (TXT) 2024-03-23 The end of capitalism
 (TXT) 2024-03-19 Wiki as a service
 (TXT) 2024-03-15 A linkblog for IRC and Discord channels
 (TXT) 2024-03-13 What would happen if Google sunset Gmail?
 (TXT) 2024-03-13 Marking the Web’s 35th Birthday: A Shorter Letter
 (TXT) 2024-03-09 Who am I talking to?
 (TXT) 2024-03-08 SVG, hand-made
 (TXT) 2024-03-08 Go routines
 (TXT) 2024-03-07 Why do we even blog?
 (TXT) 2024-03-06 Oddµ beta program for Campaign Wiki
 (TXT) 2024-03-04 Israel and Palestine
 (TXT) 2024-03-02 Spring
 (TXT) 2024-03-02 Oddµ themes
 (TXT) 2024-02-28 Use of a calendar
 (TXT) 2024-02-19 Hippeastrum season
 (TXT) 2024-02-18 We’re in Valais again
 (TXT) 2024-02-17 The log is not the text
 (TXT) 2024-02-17 Oddµ leveled up
 (TXT) 2024-02-14 Oddµ bug maybe
 (TXT) 2024-02-09 Oddµ namespaces and live updating
 (TXT) 2024-02-07 Apple killed music on the move, for me
 (TXT) 2024-02-03 Wieder im Wallis
 (TXT) 2024-01-31 Some activities are harder than others
 (TXT) 2024-01-30 Patriotism in popular music
 (TXT) 2024-01-28 Berlin School
 (TXT) 2024-01-28 VASL Templates
 (TXT) 2024-01-27 Microblogging on the blog
 (TXT) 2024-01-27 Drivethru, I am unhappy!
 (TXT) 2024-01-25 Signed commits
 (TXT) 2024-01-24 The grifter web
 (TXT) 2024-01-22 Spreadsheets are the best
 (TXT) 2024-01-21 How to get started with Advanced Squad Leader
 (TXT) 2024-01-21 Download the whole podcast
 (TXT) 2024-01-19 Serving Oddµ via a socket
 (TXT) 2024-01-14 Where we stand regarding the climate
 (TXT) 2024-01-13 Challenges players face
 (TXT) 2024-01-10 Langlaufen im Goms
 (TXT) 2024-01-05 Finding solace
 (TXT) 2024-01-01 Start now, don’t wait
 (TXT) 2024-01-01 Looking back at 2023