~~[[ T H E  G O P H E R  L A W N ]]~~
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       _____[[ S_E_A_R_C_H ]]
 (DIR) Search the Gopher Lawn.
 (QRY) Search the global gopherspace at Veronica II
       _____[[ C_A_T_E_G_O_R_I_E_S ]]
 (DIR) abandonware - still useful old software
 (DIR) archive - archives and collections
 (DIR) ascii - ASCII output and art
 (DIR) auction - auction sites
 (DIR) bbs - bulletin board systems
 (DIR) book - holes offering books
 (DIR) c - c programming language
 (DIR) ccso - ccso name-server related stuff
 (DIR) commodore - holes related to commodore
 (DIR) community - communities
 (DIR) conference - conferences
 (DIR) cooking - recipies and new food things to try out
 (DIR) cryptocoin - cryptocurrency related holes
 (DIR) doc - documentation like manpages
 (DIR) fiction - scifi, fiction, adventures, all is here.
 (DIR) fortran - fortran programming language
 (DIR) fortune - find your fortune
 (DIR) fun - fun, games, be happy
 (DIR) game - games of all kinds on gopher
 (DIR) gopher - gopher-specific resources
 (DIR) hackerspace - hackerspaces and their holes
 (DIR) hacking - hacking-related information
 (DIR) homepage - personal homepages on gopher
 (DIR) hosting - sites offering free shells, gopher hosting
 (DIR) ietf - internet engineering task force (RFCs)
 (DIR) jargon - jargon files, search
 (DIR) learning - life is learning
 (DIR) magazine - magazines
 (DIR) manpage - manpages of various kinds
 (DIR) music - music and audio
 (DIR) news - news sites from international to national
 (DIR) onion - gopher holes on the tor network
 (DIR) pastebin - pastebin services
 (DIR) phlog - phlogs (blog on gopher)
 (DIR) plan9 - plan 9 operating system
 (DIR) podcast - podcasts
 (DIR) poll - poll services
 (DIR) porn - porn of all kinds (nsfw)
 (DIR) python - python programming language
 (DIR) russian - russian content
 (DIR) search - search on gopher
 (DIR) shell - services offering shell accounts
 (DIR) shorten - shorten uri services
 (DIR) software - holes with software projects
 (DIR) spanish - spanish content
 (DIR) ssh - ssh services
 (DIR) technology - technology-related holes
 (DIR) telnet - telnet services
 (DIR) tls - gopherholes supporting TLS
 (DIR) twtxt - twtxt (simple twitter) services
 (DIR) unix - unix operating system
 (DIR) vintage - vintage software, technology, software and others
 (DIR) vms - vms operating system
 (DIR) web - web2gopher interfaces or web service replacements
 (DIR) wiki - wiki gopher interfaces
       _____[[ FUN ]]
 (DIR) I am bored, give me a random link.
       _____[[ C_H_A_N_G_E_S ]]
 (DIR) 2023-03-26.. Add links to gutenberg and podcast sea.. by Ian Jones
 (DIR) 2023-03-26.. Change of URI for gutenberg.             by Ian Jones
 (DIR) 2023-02-21.. gopher lawn patch: link to nethack arc.. by bencollver@tilde.pink
 (DIR) 2022-12-25.. Add link to floodgap groundhog for wea.. by Ben Collver
       192 links are indexed at the moment.
       _____[[ P_R_O_J_E_C_T ]]
 (DIR) Goals & Style Guide & Linking Guide
       _____[[ P_R_O_P_O_S_E__A__L_I_N_K ]]
       You want to propose a link or your own website? Either go on
       #bitreich-lawn on bitreich IRC or use the following link.
 (DIR) Proposal menu.
       If you want to save the moderators time, check out
 (HTM) git://bitreich.org/gopher-lawn
       and add a file with categories and keywords to the »db« directory. There
       are many example files in there for how the format looks like.
       Or see the instruction video how to water the lawn:
 (BIN) Lawn Watering Instruction Video
       Once you have sent in your first patch, you can see yourself as a bitreich
       lawn maintainer and use the following logo:
 (TXT) Lawn Maintainers Logo
 (DIR) << back to bitreich.org