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 (TXT) I wonder
 (TXT) Cookbook Update
 (TXT) I Like Generic Music
 (TXT) Block
 (TXT) Into
 (TXT) Deleting
 (TXT) Hops Tea
 (TXT) Phlog Move
 (TXT) Cold Pancakes
 (TXT) jandal Tries to Understand Religions
 (TXT) twentynineteen five fourteen
 (TXT) jandal is still alive
 (TXT) My life is bullet points
 (TXT) (I'm) on The Internet
 (TXT) Personal Baggage (resp. kvothe)
 (TXT) Tidy Little Boxes of Mess (resp. tomasino)
 (TXT) Currency Conversion
 (TXT) Show me what you got (resp. psztrnk)
 (TXT) Dear Diary
 (TXT) Medium-rare Interests (resp. pet84rik, solderpunk, logout)
 (TXT) Announcement: New Gopher Server
 (TXT) I deleted my microphlog
 (TXT) This Post-Information Era (resp. logout)
 (TXT) I can actually recommend a dentist
 (TXT) Human Chow (resp. michael)
 (TXT) Favourite Programs, or Not (resp. jynx)
 (TXT) Macrophlog, Microphlog
 (TXT) Am I Conservative?
 (TXT) Communication Expectation Violations (resp. solderpunk)
 (TXT) Natural light
 (TXT) Gopher groundswell
 (TXT) I don't like microblogging
 (TXT) Incremental publishing
 (TXT) On punctuation
 (TXT) What to wear
 (TXT) Timing
 (TXT) Love
 (TXT) Biscuits
 (TXT) Dinner
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