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       interspersed with electronics tinkering, homebrew computing and trying
       to live simply, minimally and deliberately.  So much fun at parties.
       Except for posts which are replies to things posted in Gopherspace, or
       are otherwise only likely to be of interest to the Gopher community,
       everything posted here is also posted to my gemlog at:
 (TXT) (2024-07-17) Hostname pedantry II and farewell to the Red Consensus
 (TXT) (2024-07-03) Suomiward bound
 (TXT) (2024-06-05) A mostly offline May
 (TXT) (2024-05-08) I'm here, I'm glad you're there (they were St.GIGA)
 (TXT) (2024-04-29) Smol Earth in five cold points (resp. to adiabatic again)
 (TXT) (2024-04-22) Differentiating myself and Smol Earth from the Amish (resp. to adiabatic)
 (TXT) (2024-04-22) A update on Earth day
 (TXT) (2024-04-19) Embracing the universe like a blazing star
 (TXT) (2024-04-14) Akebono, Musashimaru and Konishiki
 (TXT) (2024-04-14) OFFLFIRSOCH thoughts and observations
 (TXT) (2024-04-02) OFFLFIRSOCH 2024 round up
 (TXT) (2024-03-29) An offline city database
 (TXT) (2024-03-06) Book excerpts
 (TXT) (2024-03-01) Announcing OFFLFIRSOCH 2024
 (TXT) (2024-01-31) Radio 208 in the cabin
 (TXT) (2024-01-13) Cold and clear
 (TXT) (2023-11-26) Metabolism in architecture
 (TXT) (2023-11-19) Lunatic drivetrains
 (TXT) (2023-11-07) Koyaanisqatsi
 (TXT) (2023-11-05) A quick autumnal update
 (TXT) (2023-10-01) ROOPHLOCH 2023 round up
 (TXT) (2023-09-30) ROOPHLOCH 2023 explanation post
 (TXT) (2023-09-19) ROOPHLOCH 2023 433 MHz transmission 01
 (TXT) (2023-09-10) Announcing the Smol Earth Compendium
 (TXT) (2023-09-01) Announcing ROOPHLOCH 2023
 (TXT) (2023-08-26) Talking about the weather
 (TXT) (2023-05-21) MiniDisc updates
 (TXT) (2023-05-20) Spring time, nature observations and lo-fi log
 (TXT) (2023-05-19) Ascension day ponderings
 (TXT) (2023-05-10) Six years of gopher
 (TXT) (2023-04-22) An Earth Day rant against class warfare environmentalism
 (TXT) (2023-04-16) gopher server
 (TXT) (2023-04-08) Penguin Green Ideas, simple graphic art
 (TXT) (2023-04-01) Cloud spotting blues (resp. to tfurrows)
 (TXT) (2023-03-13) The gnat hitch
 (TXT) (2023-03-10) Five years a sundog - Happy birthday, circumlunar space!
 (TXT) (2023-02-02) Zaibatsu downtime notice
 (TXT) (2023-01-31) One billion, one continent
 (TXT) (2023-01-22) Do you even compute, bro?
 (TXT) (2023-01-21) Orphans of Netscape, part II
 (TXT) (2023-01-19) Permacomputing II
 (TXT) (2023-01-12) The Earth is not for us
 (TXT) (2023-01-11) Orphans of Netscape
 (TXT) (2023-01-08) Reading list added
 (TXT) (2023-01-06) ThinkPad thermal paste replacement
 (TXT) (2023-01-01) Micro album reviews 04
 (TXT) (2022-12-31) "Stray" is a great game
 (TXT) (2022-12-30) Radio updates
 (TXT) (2022-12-29) Gardening decrescendo
 (TXT) (2022-12-28) More binocular astronomy
 (TXT) (2022-10-07) Binocular observation of Jupiter and the moon
 (TXT) (2022-10-01) ROOPHLOCH 2022 roundoup
 (TXT) (2022-09-29) Story of a ROOPHLOP
 (TXT) (2022-09-18) Franken-Peugeot updates
 (TXT) (2022-09-01) Announcing ROOPHLOCH 2022
 (TXT) (2021-11-10) Green days in Brunei
 (TXT) (2021-10-23) Vodka and cigarette sustainability
 (TXT) (2021-10-23) Low budget P2P content distribution with git
 (TXT) (2021-10-11) Smartphones vs real cameras (resp. to Alex Schroeder)
 (TXT) (2021-10-09) Micro album reviews 03
 (TXT) (2021-10-08) Been an even longer time
 (TXT) (2021-10-02) ROOPHLOCH 2021 roundup
 (TXT) (2021-09-01) Announcing ROOPHLOCH 2021
 (TXT) (2021-05-02) Been a long time
 (TXT) (2021-03-07) Micro album reviews 02
 (TXT) (2021-01-02) 2021 resolutions
 (TXT) (2020-12-20) A new circumlunar colony
 (TXT) (2020-11-28) Mac mouse madness
 (TXT) (2020-11-08) The short-lived browser
 (TXT) (2020-11-01) Permacomputing
 (TXT) (2020-10-30) Micro album reviews 01
 (TXT) (2020-10-21) Digital audio on tape
 (TXT) (2020-10-07) Video tapes and helical scan
 (TXT) (2020-10-04) 2020 gardening wrap-up
 (TXT) (2020-10-03) ROPHLOCH 2020 round up
 (TXT) (2020-09-01) Announcing ROOPHLOCH 2020
 (TXT) (2020-08-16) Progress toward "offline first"
 (TXT) (2020-08-14) Album review: Kikagaku Moyo's "House in the Tall Grass"
 (TXT) (2020-08-09) Computing less, but with more focus
 (TXT) (2020-08-08) Keyboard hegemony
 (TXT) (2020-08-02) The standard salvaged computing platform
 (TXT) (2020-07-26) Discussions toward radically sustainable computing
 (TXT) (2020-07-15) Resisting, and not resisting, photographic purchases
 (TXT) (2020-07-15) Gardening update
 (TXT) (2020-07-11) My second S24O
 (TXT) (2020-07-03) New email address
 (TXT) (2020-07-03) Getting my tabs under control
 (TXT) (2020-06-03) So tired of waking up tired
 (TXT) (2020-05-19) Actually listening to music again, part 2
 (TXT) (2020-05-16) The spiritual side of computing
 (TXT) (2020-05-16) Actually listening to music again, part 1
 (TXT) (2020-05-10) Three years of gopher
 (TXT) (2020-05-09) Almost square foot gardening
 (TXT) (2020-05-09) Zaibatsu upgrade, setuid woes
 (TXT) (2020-05-07) World class tree climbing
 (TXT) (2020-03-29) Conscripting surveillance capitalism to fight COVID-19
 (TXT) (2020-03-26) The roos shall flock again (resp. to tildecow)
 (TXT) (2020-03-20) Silver linings
 (TXT) (2020-03-02) Quick thoughts on DoH
 (TXT) (2020-01-01) Crossing the Baltic sea by bicycle
 (TXT) (2020-01-01) A new start
 (TXT) (2019-10-27) W3rdn4's ruins
 (TXT) (2019-10-27) Pentax MX prereview
 (TXT) (2019-10-20) The individual archivist, and ghosts of Gophers past
 (TXT) (2019-10-13) Decent exposure
 (TXT) (2019-10-13) Pentax ME Super review
 (TXT) (2019-10-01) ROPHLOCH 2019 round up
 (TXT) (2019-09-22) WiFi in the forest (ROPHLOCH2019 entry)
 (TXT) (2019-09-21) In praise of real camping (resp. to katolaz)
 (TXT) (2019-09-21) Gopherspace: the tip is the best! (resp. to jynx et al)
 (TXT) (2019-09-21) VF-1, AV-98 and Agena (response to Tomasino)
 (TXT) (2019-09-09) Space at the Zaibatsu
 (TXT) (2019-09-05) Asahi Pentax Spotmatic SP-1000 review
 (TXT) (2019-08-31) Announcing ROOPHLOCH 2019
 (TXT) (2019-08-25) Gardening update
 (TXT) (2019-08-18) Musical milestone ponderings (resp. to tomasino)
 (TXT) (2019-08-18) In praise of good libraries (resp. to slugmax)
 (TXT) (2019-08-17) Gopher as a rural retreat
 (TXT) (2019-08-06) Home again, and the tyranny of robot bathrooms
 (TXT) (2019-06-30) Little library in a fridge
 (TXT) (2019-06-25) Look, Ma!  No lightmeter!
 (TXT) (2019-06-20) Project Gemini
 (TXT) (2019-06-18) Summer (response to jynx)
 (TXT) (2019-06-18) Everything2 is non-awful web
 (TXT) (2019-06-16) Protocol pondering intensifies, Pt III
 (TXT) (2019-06-16) Protocol pondering intensifies, Pt III
 (TXT) (2019-06-16) Protocol pondering intensifies, Pt II
 (TXT) (2019-06-16) Protocol pondering intensifies, Pt I
 (TXT) (2019-06-15) Off-grid fun
 (TXT) (2019-06-13) Materialism revisited (resp. to nermagermalous)
 (TXT) (2019-06-12) The soul of gopher
 (TXT) (2019-06-11) My hundred square metres
 (TXT) (2019-06-02) Circumlunar updates II
 (TXT) (2019-06-01) Cycles of optimism and pessimism
 (TXT) (2019-05-31) Board and card games
 (TXT) (2019-04-21) Can we all walk away?
 (TXT) (2019-04-07) More on gopher and crypto
 (TXT) (2019-04-07) The three questions of Tomasino
 (TXT) (2019-03-31) Why gopher needs crypto
 (TXT) (2019-03-30) Ikea hackers
 (TXT) (2019-03-24) Some thoughts on software copyright licenses
 (TXT) (2019-03-03) Pondering what's inbetween gopher and the web
 (TXT) (2019-02-26) Copy and paste with wsmoused on OpenBSD
 (TXT) (2019-02-26) The looming return of cycling
 (TXT) (2019-02-23) OpenBSD on an eeePC 1005HA
 (TXT) (2019-02-05) Phone ranting (resp. to cmccabe)
 (TXT) (2019-02-02) The zen of pubnix
 (TXT) (2019-01-20) Manifestos "R" Us
 (TXT) (2019-01-19) Discrimination and philosophy of mind (resp. to Visiblink and Yargo)
 (TXT) (2019-01-05) Port 70 stickers
 (TXT) (2019-01-05) Visiting my S24O site in the snow
 (TXT) (2019-01-02) We're bringin' finger back!
 (TXT) (2018-12-31) Learning to love Lua
 (TXT) (2018-12-30) Reading questions
 (TXT) (2018-12-11) Micro-pubnixes, local flavour and two-tier structure
 (TXT) (2018-12-09) On obsolescence
 (TXT) (2018-11-30) Hostname pedantry, or GNU/Circumlunar
 (TXT) (2018-11-28) So much cool stuff (resp. to Jynx and Tomasino)
 (TXT) (2018-11-15) Comic book memories (RIP Stan Lee)
 (TXT) (2018-11-10) Circumlunar updates
 (TXT) (2018-11-06) Hey you!  Host something!
 (TXT) (2018-11-04) On SDF and the future of public access Unix
 (TXT) (2018-10-27) Greetings, knives and Civ
 (TXT) (2018-10-06) Tagged gophers
 (TXT) (2018-10-06) Crystal radio in 2018
 (TXT) (2018-09-22) My first S24O
 (TXT) (2018-08-19) Data security threat models
 (TXT) (2018-08-10) Data security ratings
 (TXT) (2018-08-10) Shiny new gopher content
 (TXT) (2018-08-03) Replies to tomasino, tfurrows, and yargo
 (TXT) (2018-07-28) Photos, Yashica 35-ME review
 (TXT) (2018-07-16) Death cleaning
 (TXT) (2018-07-07) Greetings from Australia
 (TXT) (2018-06-27) Ups and downs
 (TXT) (2018-06-08) AFK
 (TXT) (2018-06-03) Welcome back, phlogger!
 (TXT) (2018-06-02) Bike thoughts and projects
 (TXT) (2018-05-31) Offline life
 (TXT) (2018-05-10) A year of gopher
 (TXT) (2018-05-06) On the futility of individual action
 (TXT) (2018-04-29) Response to ja re: smartphones
 (TXT) (2018-04-29) Muesli with yoghurt
 (TXT) (2018-04-24) Chiptune musings
 (TXT) (2018-04-14) Dumbphone dilemma
 (TXT) (2018-04-14) Amazon and me
 (TXT) (2018-04-13) Mental dominance of Javascript
 (TXT) (2018-04-13) The Epic Struggle of the Internet of Things
 (TXT) (2018-04-12) Getting high
 (TXT) (2018-04-11) Gophery things
 (TXT) (2018-04-10) VF-1 updates and tips
 (TXT) (2018-04-04) Spring, at last
 (TXT) (2018-03-26) Article on attention
 (TXT) (2018-03-26) On Gopher conservatism
 (TXT) (2018-03-26) Looking at long stuff with VF-1 (response to tomasino)
 (TXT) (2018-03-26) Securing with bind mounts
 (TXT) (2018-03-17) On tiny servers
 (TXT) (2018-03-17) Decentralising gopherspace
 (TXT) (2018-03-17) Woods recap
 (TXT) (2018-03-16) Email problems
 (TXT) (2018-03-15) Papa's Antisocial Media Manifesto
 (TXT) (2018-03-10) Circumlunar space
 (TXT) (2018-03-03) Going innawoods
 (TXT) (2018-03-03) Hobby farming (response to tfurrows)
 (TXT) (2018-03-03) In defence of Aussie coffee
 (TXT) (2018-03-02) Printing RFCs
 (TXT) (2018-02-25) Against connoiseurship
 (TXT) (2018-02-23) Rebuilding attention span
 (TXT) (2018-02-22) Coffee promises and responses (Kroovy, Defanor)
 (TXT) (2018-02-19) Half Hour of Power
 (TXT) (2018-02-19) Period rec rooms
 (TXT) (2018-02-14) Assorted replies and acknowledgements
 (TXT) (2018-02-13) Lead acid life
 (TXT) (2018-02-13) All I want
 (TXT) (2018-02-12) Snow
 (TXT) (2018-02-11) On EDC
 (TXT) (2018-02-11) Musical rodents
 (TXT) (2018-02-10) Things I've been doing lately
 (TXT) (2018-02-05) On bungled listings
 (TXT) (2018-02-03) Precious bodily fluids
 (TXT) (2018-01-31) On the growth and searching of Goperhspace
 (TXT) (2018-01-30) Miscellaneous, etc.
 (TXT) (2018-01-20) Thoughts on "The Future Will be Technical", part 1
 (TXT) (2018-01-19) On hats
 (TXT) (2018-01-16) On physicality
 (TXT) (2018-01-15) More on PMR-466 and going off-grid
 (TXT) (2018-01-14) Introducing VF-1
 (TXT) (2018-01-13) Assorted replies and acknowledgements (just about everyone)
 (TXT) (2018-01-11) Only a matter of time
 (TXT) (2018-01-10) On devils and bentos
 (TXT) (2018-01-09) On common interests (resp. to Logout)
 (TXT) (2018-01-08) Response to psztrnk on Mastodon
 (TXT) (2018-01-08) Responses on pseudonymity (slugmax, psztrnk, ZLG)
 (TXT) (2018-01-07) Thoughts on Mastodon and decentralisation
 (TXT) (2018-01-06) My favourite software
 (TXT) (2018-01-04) Pocket Gopher / Grumpy old man phone rant
 (TXT) (2018-01-02) Assorted replies and acknowledgements (tfurrows, pet84rik, slugmax, tomasino)
 (TXT) (2018-01-01) Pseudonymity woes
 (TXT) (2017-12-25) Diving into DOS
 (TXT) (2017-12-24) Merry Christmas and thanks
 (TXT) (2017-11-26) Sorting out PDPs
 (TXT) (2017-11-21) Hotel Viru and the KGB
 (TXT) (2017-11-19) Lightweight prepping
 (TXT) (2017-11-08) Assorted replies and acknowledgements (cat, jynx, ZLG, melton)
 (TXT) (2017-10-31) Hobbyist electronics without hypocrisy
 (TXT) (2017-10-30) Assorted replies and acknowledgements (ZLG, tfurrows, hobbsc)
 (TXT) (2017-10-28) A Solderpunk once more
 (TXT) (2017-10-26) Frugal entertainment
 (TXT) (2017-10-25) Belated responses
 (TXT) (2017-10-24) Radical frugality, or something like it
 (TXT) (2017-10-22) Technoskepticism, or something like it
 (TXT) (2017-10-19) Asceticism, or something like it
 (TXT) (2017-10-11) More battery thoughts
 (TXT) (2017-10-10) Lithium blues (resp. to Yargo)
 (TXT) (2017-10-08) Let me tell you about my mother
 (TXT) (2017-10-02) Delusional ambo fantasies
 (TXT) (2017-09-29) Missing AnonRadio
 (TXT) (2017-09-26) The rise and fall of AVCon
 (TXT) (2017-09-25) My dream setup
 (TXT) (2017-09-24) On the apparently looming death of FTP
 (TXT) (2017-09-09) Disconnecting
 (TXT) (2017-08-28) Call me!
 (TXT) (2017-08-27) On phones and phreaks
 (TXT) (2017-08-26) How I phlog
 (TXT) (2017-08-26) Building models
 (TXT) (2017-08-08) Quick gophery thoughts
 (TXT) (2017-07-30) More on walled gardens
 (TXT) (2017-07-22) Two walls good, four walls bad
 (TXT) (2017-07-19) URL shorteners are evil
 (TXT) (2017-07-07) GameBoy tech links
 (TXT) (2017-07-05) I want to ride my bicycle...
 (TXT) (2017-07-04) Overpowered browsers
 (TXT) (2017-06-29) Alive and well
 (TXT) (2017-06-21) Aussie anime nostaliga
 (TXT) (2017-06-18) Phlog on!
 (TXT) (2017-06-17) Airpot WiFi vs OpSec
 (TXT) (2017-06-06) Chicken Noun
 (TXT) (2017-06-01) The casino web
 (TXT) (2017-05-28) Too much stuff
 (TXT) (2017-05-27) Home again
 (TXT) (2017-05-21) Anti-Google sentiment
 (TXT) (2017-05-18) Thanks for your emails
 (TXT) (2017-05-16) Web apps are houses built on sand
 (TXT) (2017-05-14) I'm giving myself Sundays off
 (TXT) (2017-05-13) Future GameBoy hacks?
 (TXT) (2017-05-12) Rainy days
 (TXT) (2017-05-11) We've lost our way
 (TXT) (2017-05-10) Introduction