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 (TXT) Post challenge thoughts                                        2024-07-20
 (TXT) Last day of the Old Computer Challenge 2024                    2024-07-19
 (TXT) Sixth day of the Old Computer Challenge 2024                   2024-07-18
 (TXT) Fifth day of the Old Computer Challenge 2024                   2024-07-17
 (TXT) Fourth day of the Old Computer Challenge 2024                  2024-07-16
 (TXT) Third day of the Old Computer Challenge 2024                   2024-07-15
 (TXT) Second day of the Old Computer Challenge 2024                  2024-07-14
 (TXT) First day of the Old Computer Challenge 2024                   2024-07-13
 (TXT) Prepared my machine for the OCC 2024 edition                   2024-07-12
 (TXT) Execution-time CCL between Clisp and SBCL                      2024-07-08
 (TXT) Five years Gemini already                                      2024-07-06
 (TXT) Development containers, old wine in new bottles                2024-07-05
 (TXT) Performance difference between Clisp and SBCL                  2024-07-04
 (TXT) Leaving traces and FOSS                                        2024-07-03
 (TXT) Clisp static site builder working                              2024-07-02
 (TXT) Coding in Elisp and Common Lisp enhances your skills in both   2024-06-17
 (TXT) Fresh links page and OPML file from single recfile             2024-06-13
 (TXT) Cmus on the previous Linkding Raspberry                        2024-06-10
 (TXT) Migrated links data to recutils                                2024-06-09
 (TXT) Bookmark manager: the Siren call of web browsing               2024-06-08
 (TXT) My own Gopher burrow in the phlog roll                         2024-06-05
 (TXT) Export all GnuPG keys                                          2024-06-04
 (TXT) Getting the terminal size in Clisp on FreeBSD                  2024-05-17
 (TXT) The World Wide Web kept gopher pure                            2024-05-09
 (TXT) Automagic outline of your Elisp code                           2024-05-05
 (TXT) The Sheep Look Up still feels real after 50 years              2024-04-30
 (TXT) Added Marginalia to my jump lists                              2024-04-26
 (TXT) Tooting with mastodon.el                                       2024-04-14
 (TXT) Pass, the password storage manager on FreeBSD                  2024-04-07
 (TXT) Shell script to create and sign certificates                   2024-03-31
 (TXT) sftp only acces                                                2024-03-27
 (TXT) Collecting some denote notes with dynamic block                2024-03-24
 (TXT) Mini OFFLFIRSOCH 2024                                          2024-03-23
 (TXT) 26 years old RedHat 5.2 on QEMU i386                           2024-03-19
 (TXT) GNU recutils presentation                                      2024-03-13
 (TXT) Automatic attach to Tmux session over ssh                      2024-03-09
 (TXT) Browse your favorites with Emacs webjump                       2024-03-03
 (TXT) FreeBSD supports the X201 SD card reader                       2024-03-01
 (TXT) Literate programming is proactive rubberducking                2024-02-26
 (TXT) How to read RSS feeds with slrn and                  2024-02-23
 (TXT) Added an OPML file to my website                               2024-02-21
 (TXT) My first GNU ELPA package                                      2024-02-15
 (TXT) Painless FreeBSD server migration                              2024-02-05
 (TXT) M-x remember like it's 2008                                    2024-01-21
 (TXT) Org mode calculation for VAT tax return                        2024-01-13
 (TXT) Compile GnuPG 2.3.4 on FreeBSD                                 2024-01-05
 (TXT) Books read in 2023                                             2024-01-02
 (TXT) ZFS send end receive for backups                               2024-01-01
 (TXT) Populate MFS on FreeBSD                                        2023-12-23
 (TXT) Migrated the ThinkPad X201 to FreeBSD                          2023-12-22
 (TXT) Love of the Common Lisp REPL                                   2023-12-16
 (TXT) Fun with old fashioned web forms                               2023-12-13
 (TXT) Chatting with Emacs rcirc and ZNC                              2023-12-03
 (TXT) Usenet getting started guide                                   2023-11-28
 (TXT) Automatically push changes with Gitwatch                       2023-11-27
 (TXT) Use Denote notes like Deft with consult-notes                  2023-11-18
 (TXT) Switching windows in tmux with default config                  2023-11-13
 (TXT) Better colors for tabs in the Emacs tab bar                    2023-11-02
 (TXT) denote and find-grep-dired on BSD                              2023-10-31
 (TXT) Prose linting with Vale and Flycheck in Emacs on FreeBSD       2023-10-22
 (TXT) Tmux without a config file challenge                           2023-10-21
 (TXT) Glyphosate in tea and coffee                                   2023-10-20
 (TXT) A virtual OpenBSD machine as desktop test machine              2023-10-17
 (TXT) Too many packages on my OpenBSD laptop                         2023-10-16
 (TXT) Journaling with the new denote-journal-extras                  2023-10-04
 (TXT) Running OpenBSD on my ThinkPad X201                            2023-10-01
 (TXT) The Gopher universe is smol                                    2023-09-30
 (TXT) Enjoyed two short stories                                      2023-09-28
 (TXT) Marketing shaped our world                                     2023-09-24
 (TXT) Org mode for phlog posts                                       2023-09-24
 (TXT) EWW survival guide                                             2023-09-23
 (TXT) Org mode is the writer's secret weapon                         2023-09-22
 (TXT) vm-bhyve on a wifi only laptop with ipv4                       2023-09-17
 (TXT) Gopher Rocks                                                   2023-09-16
 (TXT) Just create                                                    2023-09-10
 (TXT) Buy an old ThinkPad, learn Emacs and forget the rest           2023-09-09
 (TXT) Back to the Ratpoison window manager                           2023-08-30
 (TXT) Welcome at the Phloggersgarage                                 2023-08-23
 (TXT) Change TrackPoint Settings on FreeBSD                          2023-08-22
 (TXT) Migrated from Joplin to Org Attach                             2023-08-18
 (TXT) Addition of a phlog-roll                                       2023-08-16
 (TXT) Gnus save encrypted messages in IMAP as plain text             2023-08-06
 (TXT) Center text with fmt and make                                  2023-08-04
 (TXT) Migrate notes in Emacs from Deft to Denote                     2023-08-02
 (TXT) Boost our Gopher activity challenge                            2023-08-01
 (TXT) Direct messaging windows in ZNC                                2023-07-25
 (TXT) Slackware is 30 years old                                      2023-07-22
 (TXT) Old Computer Challenge 2023 - Day Seven                        2023-07-16
 (TXT) Old Computer Challenge 2023 - Day Six                          2023-07-15
 (TXT) Old Computer Challenge 2023 - Day Five                         2023-07-14
 (TXT) Old Computer Challenge 2023 - Day Four                         2023-07-13
 (TXT) Old Computer Challenge 2023 - Day Three                        2023-07-12
 (TXT) Big Thank You to Logout                                        2023-07-12
 (TXT) Old Computer Challenge 2023 - Day Two                          2023-07-11
 (TXT) Old Computer Challenge 2023 - Day One                          2023-07-10
 (TXT) Moving from Pleroma to Honk                                    2023-07-02
 (TXT) OpenBSD 7.3 on a twenty year old IBM ThinkPad R31              2023-06-29
 (TXT) Using org-attach in Emacs org-mode                             2023-05-26
 (TXT) New PGP key                                                    2023-05-18
 (TXT) Create texinfo files with org-mode for your personal notes     2023-05-15
 (TXT) The old Thinkpad X201 has become my daily driver               2023-04-28
 (TXT) Compiling Emacs                                                2023-04-12
 (TXT) Org-capture template for weeknotes                             2023-04-11
 (TXT) Some notes on OpenBSD 7.2 on a Thinkpad X201                   2023-03-04
 (TXT) Zoom window in Emacs                                           2023-02-25
 (TXT) Using Elpher to browse the Gopher sphere                       2023-02-18
 (TXT) Reading notes with nov.el-mode and org-noter                   2023-01-26
 (TXT) Emacs Gnus for following Usenet, mailing lists and RSS-feeds   2023-01-24
 (TXT) Fun with ersatz-emacs on NetBSD 3.0                            2022-12-11
 (TXT) NetBSD 9.3 on FreeBSD bhyve                                    2022-12-09
 (TXT) Open files with Deft in read only mode                         2022-12-05
 (TXT) Build SBCL on FreeBSD                                          2022-10-22
 (TXT) Set filedate on photo according to EXIF                        2022-10-10
 (TXT) First Common Lisp work                                         2022-10-09
 (TXT) The 2022 Old Computer Challenge (Version 2)                    2022-07-17
 (TXT) Tinkering with capsule scripts                                 2022-06-26
 (TXT) The case of the collapsing calendar                            2022-06-24
 (TXT) Capslock as Control key                                        2022-05-05
 (TXT) GalliumOS on an old chromebook                                 2022-04-30
 (TXT) Turn Capslock into Control on a Thinkpad X270 running FreeBSD  2022-04-09
 (TXT) Writing Gopher Posts With Emacs                                2022-04-07
 (TXT) Sort your Ledger journal with Emacs                            2022-01-02
 (TXT) Battery status in tmux status bar in FreeBSD                   2021-12-08
 (TXT) mcabber with OTR on FreeBSD                                    2021-11-20
 (TXT) Zettelkasten in plain text-only flat files                     2021-10-29
 (TXT) MicroEMACS "puny emacs", a tiny but powerful Micro Emacs       2021-09-11
 (TXT) Wrap up after Solene's Challenge                               2021-07-16
 (TXT) Toot tui with links or w3m                                     2021-07-14
 (TXT) One week with FreeBSD 13 on an Acer Aspire One ZG5  Part Three 2021-07-12
 (TXT) Elfeed on an old laptop                                        2021-07-11
 (TXT) One week with FreeBSD 13 on an Acer Aspire One ZG5 - Part One  2021-07-11
 (TXT) Create docx documents from org mode                            2021-05-30
 (TXT) How I make my Shakshuka                                        2021-05-16
 (TXT) In praise of the convenience and speed of the editor ed        2021-05-13
 (TXT) Create a persistent macro in JOVE Micro Emacs                  2021-05-05
 (TXT) FreeBSD 13 on a 12 year old laptop                             2021-04-25
 (TXT) Sparkleshare to sync org files                                 2021-03-27
 (TXT) Editing with mg                                                2021-03-23
 (TXT) Convert Markdown-ish to PDF with Groff MOM                     2021-02-16
 (TXT) Script to convert OPMLfile to GNU recutils database            2020-12-31
 (TXT) Perlscript to fetch bookmarks from Linkding REST API           2020-12-26
 (TXT) Tag and kill several Tmux windows                              2020-12-21
 (TXT) Taskwarrior holiday calendar for 2021 for the Netherlands      2020-12-06
 (TXT) Install Nikola Static Site Generator on Raspbian               2020-12-04
 (TXT) Chroot-ed ssh shell in ramdisk on OpenBSD 6.8                  2020-11-16
 (TXT) Folding Markdown in Vim without a plugin                       2020-10-31
 (TXT) dc: a RPN commandline calculator                               2020-10-11
 (TXT) Tmux Popup For Fast Access to Task List                        2020-09-27
 (TXT) Awk script to convert tsv to recutils for LaTeX                2020-09-12
 (TXT) Transform Mardown to Vimwiki format with sed                   2020-09-05
 (TXT) Using Vimwiki tags                                             2020-08-30
 (TXT) Tmux key-binding to open task calender and list tasks          2020-08-25
 (TXT) Open external URL in Vim vsplit with w3m                       2020-05-03
 (TXT) CGI with Awk on OpenBSD httpd                                  2020-01-02
 (TXT) Tmux Yank to copy to X clipboard                               2019-12-28
 (TXT) Migrated to Gophernicus on OpenBSD                             2019-12-28
 (TXT) Start Tmux from .xinitrc                                       2019-07-20
 (TXT) Second ssh server on each host                                 2019-07-10
 (TXT) Vim and GnuPG with the GnuPG vim-plugin                        2019-01-11
 (TXT) Taskwarrior on Android                                         2018-09-09
 (TXT) rcsclean in OpenRCS                                            2018-08-25
 (TXT) Scripting with ed and here documents                           2018-08-20
 (TXT) Lynx without cookies                                           2018-08-10
 (TXT) Using par with Ed                                              2018-07-27
 (TXT) Having fun using the ED editor                                 2018-07-26
 (TXT) Switched to st terminal emulator                               2018-06-17
 (TXT) Use Tesseract to OCR a multiple page PDF                       2018-05-30
 (TXT) My adventures in using Taskwarrior                             2018-05-19
 (TXT) Use par in vi or vim to create nice formatted text paragraphs  2018-03-23
 (TXT) Running a virtual machine on OpenBSD vmm                       2018-03-09
 (TXT) Kindle highlights to wiki                                      2018-01-20
 (TXT) BeagleBone Black as OpenBSD shell server                       2018-01-05
 (TXT) OpenBSD 6.2 on BeagleBone Black                                2018-01-04
 (TXT) We must revive Gopherspace                                     2017-12-28
 (TXT) Why you still must use RCS                                     2017-11-17
 (TXT) Chroot jailed X application testing in Debian                  2017-10-18
 (TXT) Encrypted Git remotes with git-remote-gcrypt                   2017-10-07
 (TXT) Advantages of FODT format in LibreOffice                       2017-02-26
 (TXT) Jails with nullfs mount of base system on FreeBSD 11           2017-02-12
       2016 and older
 (TXT) Automatic Table of Contents in my awkiawki                     2016-08-13
 (TXT) Use KVM with SPICE for remote access                           2016-05-17
 (TXT) Compile Vimprobable on OpenBSD 5.8                             2016-01-15
 (TXT) OpenBSD 5.8 on an HP 6560b laptop                              2015-12-12
 (TXT) Ejabberd on Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Jessie                  2015-12-06
 (TXT) Regexp to create bold from an asterix encapsulated string      2015-11-22
 (TXT) The almost forgotten art of procmail with fetchmail            2015-11-17
 (TXT) Backup multiple git bare resoritories with git clone --mirror  2015-10-26
 (TXT) awkiawki a light weight wiki as your personal wiki             2015-09-26
 (TXT) OpenBSD 5.7 on BeagleBone Black                                2015-06-28
 (TXT) Compile Vimprobable on FreeBSD 10.1                            2015-05-29
 (TXT) Change the cursor-color in the SSH client on a Chromebook      2015-05-09
 (TXT) Encrypted instant messaging with Jabber and GnuPG              2014-03-02
 (TXT) Building a diskless FreeBSD 10 Jail server                     2013-12-13
 (TXT) Use the hidden powers of the w3m textmode webbrowser           2011-01-29
 (TXT) Install a KVM guest over PXE                                   2010-11-28
 (TXT) Vimprobable tricks and tips                                    2010-11-27
 (TXT) Jails with nullfs mount on FreeBSD 10 without buildworld       2010-08-10
 (TXT) Vimprobable: a vimlike browser                                 2010-01-02
 (TXT) Using the m4 macro processor for fun and profit                2009-11-05
 (TXT) About this Gopher hole                                         2023-07-24
 (TXT) My computing habits                                            2017-12-29
 (TXT) Gutenberg books I have read                                    2023-07-11
 (TXT) GnuPG key                                                      2014-02-16 
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