(TXT) Some files and things are here.
       Circumlunar world.
 (DIR) ROOPHLOCH outdoor phlogging
 (DIR) Jone's ROOPHLOCH 2023 entry.
 (TXT) Jone's ROOPHLOCH 2022 entry.
 (DIR) Circumlunar Transmissions.
 (TXT) Three gophers.
 (TXT) Youtube.
 (DIR) BASIC for android phones even if they're really old.
 (TXT) Buzzing flies.
 (TXT) Ogden words by length.
 (TXT) Trying to learn some git.
 (TXT) A forest of trees. Updated every sixty seconds.
 (TXT) Program for the forest of trees.
       These programs below don't work any more.
       I hope I will decide to fix them one day.
 (TXT) Random plaid maker program.
 (HTM) Many plaids. Updated hourly.
       Model cars.
 (TXT) Model cars.
 (IMG) Dodge Monaco, CHP.
 (TXT) Dodge Monaco, CHP.
 (IMG) Hurst/Olds.
 (TXT) Hurst/Olds.
 (IMG) Nova.
 (TXT) Nova.
 (TXT) Description of Nova picture.
 (IMG) Peterbilt.
 (TXT) Peterbilt.
       Unnameable Juice.
 (TXT) 6 - The only help I got for it.
 (TXT) 5 - Some unnameable juice.
 (TXT) 4 - Dangerous tomes.
 (TXT) 3 - Riding the bus.
 (TXT) 2 - That hot cheese hurts like hell.
 (TXT) 1 - I shouldn't have shouted like that.
 (DIR) Card toys.
 (TXT) Simplified rules of badminton.
 (IMG) Golf, The Swing
 (TXT) Golf, terminology and etiquette.txt
 (TXT) Coleslaw.
 (TXT) Chocolate pudding.
 (TXT) Sardines and tomatoes.
 (TXT) Super-great flapjacks.
 (TXT) Corn bread.
 (TXT) Teriaki sauce.
 (TXT) Oat flour biscuits.
 (TXT) Popovers.
 (TXT) Minestrone soup.
 (TXT) Turkey tetrazini.
 (TXT) Salmon burgers.
 (TXT) Applesauce bread.
 (TXT) Lentil and bean soup.
 (DIR) Nutrition database.
       Sometimes I go to the Midnight Pub.
 (DIR) Midnight Pub
 (DIR) Wildflowers.
 (TXT) Hawaiian punch.
 (IMG) Hawaiian punch.
       Some stories with animals.
 (TXT) A dream.  A bear wrecked my boat.
 (TXT) The badger and the fouled river.
 (TXT) The dog and the typewriter.
 (TXT) The bear and the orange juice.
 (TXT) The coyote's brother.
 (TXT) Crow and the bowl.
 (TXT) The fox-hand.
 (TXT) Processing negative feelings.
 (TXT) Move gracefully forward.
 (TXT) Belonging.
 (TXT) A good apology.
 (TXT) Feelings in my body.
 (TXT) Affirmations.
 (TXT) Fear and resentment.
 (TXT) Late in that blooming.
       Q & A.
 (TXT) March 2023 Five Questions.
 (TXT) The top of his head.
 (TXT) Starving in every other house.
       Some other stories.
 (TXT) Vial.
 (TXT) 10-197.
 (TXT) Three to Christmas, 18 A.C.
       Poems of others.
 (TXT) Not totally lost.
 (TXT) You don't have to act crazy anymore.
 (TXT) The Deacon's Masterpiece
       Jone's crayons.
 (TXT) Crayons?
 (IMG) One.
 (IMG) Two.
 (IMG) Three.
 (IMG) Four.
 (IMG) Five.
 (IMG) Six.
 (IMG) Seven.
 (IMG) Eight.
 (IMG) Nine.
 (IMG) Ten.
 (IMG) Eleven.
 (TXT) I wanted to see it move, that one.
 (TXT) Potatoes for Captain America.
 (TXT) Box.
 (TXT) Its bells.
 (TXT) Kernels.
 (TXT) smolZINE.
 (TXT) A Stained Story.
 (TXT) Home Sick.
 (TXT) Unreality.
       Slot cars.
 (TXT) About my old "Tuckaway 25" speedway.
 (IMG) Picture of my raceway.
 (IMG) A picture from one of the corners.
 (DIR) Gregory Braun's articles.
       Other songs.
 (TXT) Hours in the meter.
 (BIN) Here's an epub book of all this stuff.
 (TXT) 1 - Goblins came out of the hole.
 (TXT) 2 - At the basketball court.
 (IMG) Basketball court.
 (TXT) 3 - The old vans.
 (IMG) The old vans.
 (TXT) 4 - Baked oatmeal with avocado and hot dog.
 (TXT) 5 - I saw some bird-shaped drones.
 (TXT) 6 - Sorry about the trailer, Lucy.
 (TXT) 7 - Chair tree.
 (TXT) 8 - Goblins took my keyboard.
 (TXT) 9 - The last of the tulips.
 (TXT) 10 - In Pierce's barn.
 (TXT) 11 - I interrupted some elfs.
 (TXT) 12 - The one-bedroom library.
 (TXT) 13 - He'll be okay.
 (TXT) 14 - That time an ogre visited me.
 (TXT) 15 - Maybe I'll sell that truck for parts.
 (TXT) 16 - Some dwarves bought the truck.
 (TXT) 17 - Goblin racing toy.
 (TXT) 18 - Jone's dream.
 (TXT) 19 - Was playing checkers in the woods.
 (TXT) 20 - I saw some centaurs wearing uniforms.
 (TXT) 21 - They were throwing rotten pumpkins.
 (TXT) 22 - At home today.
 (TXT) 23 - Christmas.
 (TXT) 24 - I found another key.
 (TXT) 25 - So much for Norville Island Ales.
 (TXT) 26 - There was something in my fruit.
 (TXT) 27 - Eastern Townships Hockey Association.
 (TXT) 28 - Twenty dwarfs at the supermarket.
 (TXT) 29 - Some strange tracks in the field.
 (TXT) 30 - Something will stay.
 (TXT) 31 - The highway signs bother me.
 (TXT) 32 - Witch in the washroom.
 (TXT) 33 - At the fort.
 (TXT) 34 - Hockey is back on.
 (TXT) 35 - I saw another train with soldiers.
 (TXT) 36 - Bought some chain.
 (TXT) 37 - Jone's revenge.
 (TXT) 38 - Gas powered slot cars.
 (TXT) 39 - Saw the ogre.
 (TXT) 40 - Brawl in the parking lot.
 (TXT) 41 - Sometimes you just got to do a thing.
 (TXT) 42 - They were wearing matching masks.
 (TXT) 43 - They're only gangsters.
 (TXT) 44 - Playoffs are on.
 (TXT) 45 - Mush network.
 (TXT) 46 - Ate a sandwich at Turk's.
 (TXT) 47 - Saw a big helicopter.
 (TXT) 48 - Cars in the hillside.
 (TXT) 49 - Those elf herbs messed me up.
 (TXT) 50 - At the 9 sign.
 (TXT) 51 - Cabin full of boxes.
 (TXT) 52 - Dropped off the keys.
 (TXT) 53 - That got pretty ugly.
 (TXT) 54 - Buzzer beater.
 (TXT) 55 - Ogre hunt is tomorrow.
 (TXT) 56 - how do i make it send ^C ^D ^M ^] fu ^K
 (TXT) 57 - Epilogue.
 (TXT) 58 - Waffle motel.
 (TXT) 59 - Got a new job.
 (TXT) 60 - Saw some moving mushrooms.
 (TXT) 61 - They were running from something.
 (TXT) 62 - No more fish.
 (TXT) 63 - Now I'm a teacher too.
 (TXT) 64 - Mushroom shaped.
 (TXT) 65 - Garbage goblin.
 (TXT) 66 - At the laundromat.
 (TXT) 67 - Can't afford these shots.
 (TXT) 68 - Toys at school.
 (TXT) 69 - Swung by the pub.
 (TXT) 70 - The goblins took everything.
 (IMG) Accident.
 (TXT) 71 - Tried to order some food.
 (TXT) 72 - Farewell.
 (TXT) 73 - Got covered in spores.
 (TXT) 74 - Snuggle gnomes.
 (TXT) 75 - A nightmare.
 (TXT) 76 - One more might tip it.
 (TXT) 77 - The droneway.
 (TXT) 78 - Elf wrestling at the mall.
 (TXT) 79 - Dug a hole for my feet.
 (TXT) 80 - In a cabin.
 (TXT) 81 - Cult colony.
 (TXT) 82 - Blurry blobs of feelings.
 (TXT) 83 - Burying cars.
 (TXT) 84 - Visiting the angels.
 (TXT) 85 - Underground now.
 (TXT) 86 - Pete brought me back.
 (TXT) 87 - Things have changed.
 (TXT) 88 - They sure messed up my house.
 (TXT) 89 - No internet.
 (TXT) 90 - Digging holes.
 (TXT) 91 - Looking at rad rat rods.
 (TXT) 92 - Got a job with the Braxons.
 (TXT) 93 - Saw a piece of my truck.
 (TXT) 94 - Town hall.
 (TXT) 95 - At the beach.
 (TXT) 96 - I saw some geese flying wrong.
 (TXT) 97 - Went inside the preppers' school.
 (TXT) 98 - Making waffles by the vans.
 (TXT) 99 - The buskers.
 (TXT) 100 - So useful.
 (TXT) 101 - Picked up and put down.
 (TXT) Eastern Townships Hockey Association.