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                  with access to the means of counterfeit." - anon           
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 (TXT) 20240521: return
 (TXT) 20240509: Emacs as shell
 (TXT) 20240424: Granddaughter
 (TXT) 20240422: UTF-8 Character Sets
 (TXT) 20240420: Further on the uConsole and EXWM
 (TXT) 20240419: exwm
 (TXT) 20240418: Four day weekend
 (TXT) 20240403: ClockworkPi uConsole
 (TXT) 20240128: books, lots'a books
 (TXT) 20240101: Happy New Year
 (TXT) 20231231: candy bar meditations or it is all now clear
 (TXT) 20231226: emacs stuff
 (TXT) 20231225: acid, dogs, christmas
 (TXT) 20231217: usenet
 (TXT) 20231214: emacs in WSL2 on my work laptop
 (TXT) 20231203: lounging, emacs, binge watching 
 (TXT) 20231125: chocolatey philosophical exploration
 (TXT) 20231117: Vacation!
 (TXT) 20231104: travel gear
 (TXT) 20231016: bindings in bash
 (TXT) 20231009: Family, Perl, etc.
 (TXT) 20230911: mkrec script
 (TXT) 20230909: docker progress
 (TXT) 20230903: Gemini PDA vs Emacs Native Android
 (TXT) 20230901: RPoD ideas
 (TXT) 20230824: recutils exploration
 (TXT) 20230821: Scratch mojo 
 (TXT) 20230806: RPoD swap out complete
 (TXT) 20230804: RPoD Changes Coming
 (TXT) 20230724: It's been a minute
 (TXT) 20230604: Bad day
 (TXT) 20230515: Chemical Adventures and Health Update
 (TXT) 20230409: More screwing around in Android
 (TXT) 20230331: Adventures in bash
 (TXT) 20230318: Not a lot of free time lately, and notebooks
 (TXT) 20230219: Gemini PDA - Root, Debloat, Speed and USPS Hate
 (TXT) 20230126: On so many hours of emacs configuring
 (TXT) 20230115: Fresh Emacs and other stuff
 (TXT) 20230107: On more tinkering
 (TXT) 20230104: Adventures in hanging out
 (TXT) 20221225: Christmas and catchup
 (TXT) 20221017: Life is good
 (TXT) 20220922: It's been a hot minute
 (TXT) 20220815: Barnes & Noble Nook Glowlight Plus
 (TXT) 20220725: A nice little bit
 (TXT) 20220626: A night alone in Texas - redux
 (TXT) 20220624: New Device
 (TXT) 20220616: Dashboard
 (TXT) 20220613: Progress in configuration
 (TXT) 20220611: Linux issues and a redo
 (TXT) 20220608: Emacs update
 (TXT) 20220606: Recutils as gophermap maker
 (TXT) 20220605: More emacs fun
 (TXT) 20220602: Some emacs fun
 (TXT) 20220527: gopher fun
 (TXT) 20220524: Nighttime
 (TXT) 20220522: Another Project update
 (TXT) 20220518: Project update
 (TXT) 20220517: Did a project
 (TXT) 20220516: Return to projects
 (TXT) 20220515: More Linux on Gemini PDA
 (TXT) 20220513: Linux on Gemini PDA
 (TXT) 20220430: Late April Update
 (TXT) 20220408: Usenet on the go and other schtuff
 (TXT) 20220329: what I've been reading
 (TXT) 20220221: Lies, Damned Lies, and Absolutely Everything
 (TXT) 20220220: Segmentation
 (TXT) 20220203: February
 (TXT) 20220118: Catch Up -- Mid January
 (TXT) 20220108: Introspection
 (TXT) 20211221: December and a bit of November
 (TXT) 20211220: Computing Update
 (TXT) 20211130: Tablet Setup Update and Vacation
 (TXT) 20211115: Small (huge) Update
 (TXT) 20211103: Android Tablet Computing Setup
 (TXT) 20211027: Vacation
 (TXT) 20210920: Mobile Solo RPG
 (TXT) 20210917: Mid-September Checkin
 (TXT) 20210902: RPoD is Upgraded
 (TXT) 20210828: RPoD Update
 (TXT) 20210807: On safety
 (TXT) 20210731: Adventures in Air Travel
 (TXT) 20210730: Sitting in the Boise Airport
 (TXT) 20210726: Sitting around in east Oregon
 (TXT) 20210724: joneworlds words
 (TXT) 20210722: Gemini PDA and Random
 (TXT) 20210721: Adventures in Plumbing and Other Things
 (TXT) 20210707: Catchup
 (TXT) 20210528: Houston (Bush Intercontinental Airport) is Bullshi
 (TXT) 20210518: Vacation
 (TXT) 20210429: A month plus on the road
 (TXT) 20210410: Iowa Rain
 (TXT) 20210329: Yet Another Travel Day
 (TXT) 20210321: Car Excitement
 (TXT) 20210320: Musings 20210320
 (TXT) 20210313: Research
 (TXT) 20210310: RPG Game World and Bushcraft Ideas
 (TXT) 20210307: onward, upsomething or other
 (TXT) 20210214: Idaho
 (TXT) 20210207: Activities
 (TXT) 20210104: I am still alive
 (TXT) 20201124: Lockdowns
 (TXT) 20201115: Road Warrior Prep
 (TXT) 20201113: Good News
 (TXT) 20201109: Catch Up
 (TXT) 20201012: Vocation
 (TXT) 20200926: Sharp PC1261
 (TXT) 20200913: ROOPHLOCH 2020: Live from the juniper forest
 (TXT) 20200904: Second-guessing the Gadget Statement
 (TXT) 20200902: ROOPHLOCH 2020 Prep - eyemodule2
 (TXT) 20200901: The Weather is Cooling Off
 (TXT) 20200820: Studio PC
 (TXT) 20200803: Update 20200803
 (TXT) 20200720: More Outside Fun
 (TXT) 20200711: New Hobby
 (TXT) 20200524: RE: Cat - Lovecraftian Blindspot
 (TXT) 20200522: RPG Update / Tortilla Recipe
 (TXT) 20200517: AD&D 1e Planescape / Spelljammer Solo Campaign Map
 (TXT) 20200510: PalmOS Tools For RPGing and Game Update
 (TXT) 20200428: The Third Way
 (TXT) 20200412: Solo RPG - Prep or not to prep
 (TXT) 20200402: Just Like That
 (TXT) 20200330: Update
 (TXT) 20200225: RPG Family Time
 (TXT) 20200210: RE: Ditching Linux
 (TXT) 20200204: A Link Aggregator for Gopher
 (TXT) 20200131: On what is modern
 (TXT) 20200130: Doom and Gloom
 (TXT) 20200128: File Syncing from Where-ever
 (TXT) 20200125: Nokia N810 Review
 (TXT) 20200120: Gitlab Updates
 (TXT) 20200117: RPoD Rewrite Complete
 (TXT) 20200114: Various Updates
 (TXT) 20200113: Stickers
 (TXT) 20200109: More vim fun!
 (TXT) 20200106: Adventures in modifying vim plugins
 (TXT) 20200104: Friendship ended with emacs, vim is my true friend
 (TXT) 20200102: New Portable Music Player Setup Review
 (TXT) 20200101: Happy New Decade
 (TXT) 20200101b: More on rewrites
 (TXT) 20191227: On a gopherhole rewrite
 (TXT) 20191226: Emacs
 (TXT) 20191214: Laptop adventures
 (TXT) 20191205: On mellow
 (TXT) 20191122: Catch up
 (TXT) 20191116: Projects!!
 (TXT) 20191105: On Free Time
 (TXT) 20191104: Mechanicin'
 (TXT) 20191026: Not much
 (TXT) 20191017: Yep, it happened
 (TXT) 20191015: Not RE: s-word (cat)
 (TXT) 20191012: Ratpoison, layoffs, inversion
 (TXT) 20191002: RE: ratfactor vimwiki
 (TXT) 20190930: On PIM (RE: jirka and xiled)
 (TXT) 20190923: On the Palm Ultra Thin Keyboard
 (TXT) 20190922: RE: visiblink - I'm going thru your stuff
 (TXT) 20190922b: RE: Jirka, Palm OS questions
 (TXT) 20190914: On the 90 percent of gopher...
 (TXT) 20190910: Gnu direvent
 (TXT) 20190909: Shunning
 (TXT) 20190907: Received the Tungsten C
 (TXT) 20190831: ROOPHLOCH 2019
 (TXT) 20190826: Received the first of two new devices
 (TXT) 20190824: Cleaned up HTTPS->HTTP proxy code
 (TXT) 20190823: HTTPS->HTTP Proxy for Plucker
 (TXT) 20190819: On Plucker
 (TXT) 20190818: Fun with Palm doc format
 (TXT) 20190816: On comp.unix.shell
 (TXT) 20190815: Treo 90 Arrived
 (TXT) 20190810: New Palm Device Coming
 (TXT) 20190803: On a satisfying lazy day
 (TXT) 20190801: Re: visiblink (camping gear)
 (TXT) 20190731: On Camping
 (TXT) 20190721: Catch up
 (TXT) 20190630: On a balmy Sunday
 (TXT) 20190623: On being social
 (TXT) 20190622: On this weekend
 (TXT) 20190618: Warm weather
 (TXT) 20190611: On reinventing Gopher
 (TXT) 20190607: Music Update
 (TXT) 20190601: On activities of late
 (TXT) 20190516: The last month
 (TXT) 20190414: On Isolation
 (TXT) 20190329: Solo RPG Ideas
 (TXT) 20190317: On changes
 (TXT) 20190302: On North Dakota in February
 (TXT) 20190224: Changing schedule
 (TXT) 20190220: On further messing with the Lifebook P1120
 (TXT) 20190214: On old Windows
 (TXT) 20190209: Apple Newton eMate 300 Battery Mod Complete
 (TXT) 20190208: On upcoming retrocomputing projects
 (TXT) 20190130: Acquisitions
 (TXT) 20190125: On phlog revisions and the small internet (RE: vis
 (TXT) 20190124: On joy
 (TXT) 20190120: On the OmniBook 800ct Restoration - pt. 1
 (TXT) 20190119: On attachment to equipment (RE: sysdharma)
 (TXT) 20190118: Computer Timeline
 (TXT) 20190118b: PocketChip flashing in 2019
 (TXT) 20190117: On tmux awesomeness
 (TXT) 20190113: On Old Stuff
 (TXT) 20190112: Writing Progress
 (TXT) 20190111: Days off / eMate 300
 (TXT) 20190107: The projects are rolling in
 (TXT) 20190104: Finger!
 (TXT) 20190101: Happy New Year!
 (TXT) 20181231: Bone Conduction Headphones
 (TXT) 20181228: On further device segmentation
 (TXT) 20181227: On the Vance Fry Dana Batt Hack
 (TXT) 20181224: Alphasmart Fonts
 (TXT) 20181223: AlphaSmart Dana fun 
 (TXT) 20181221: On darkness and mood 
 (TXT) 20181219: On bringing back the blog
 (TXT) 20181218: In between dejavu
 (TXT) 20181217: On the in between 
 (TXT) 20181211: Re: tfurrows :: Handera 300
 (TXT) 20181209: The 1436 Files (part deux)
 (TXT) 20181206: Handera 330 
 (TXT) 20181202: On the adventure of retro devices
 (TXT) 20181130: fail
 (TXT) 20181129: On Projects [Nov2018] 
 (TXT) 20181128: So much cool stuff going on
 (TXT) 20181126: On restlessness
 (TXT) 20181119: On a pattern of delay
 (TXT) 20181118: On WinCE devices - RE: Visiblink
 (TXT) 20181113: On the last week
 (TXT) 20181105: Travel tomorrow -- a week gone
 (TXT) 20181104: On the much maligned Sony Clie PEG-UX50
 (TXT) 20181031: Delays with the UX50
 (TXT) 20181022: Got my Palm IIIxe today
 (TXT) 20181020: Re: Jirka (UX50)
 (TXT) 20181019: I have a problem
 (TXT) 20181018: On Plucker
 (TXT) 20181017: On trips
 (TXT) 20181014: On the last week
 (TXT) 20181006: On tags
 (TXT) 20181005: Randomness
 (TXT) 20181004: Checking out
 (TXT) 20181001: More on the palm os stuff
 (TXT) 20180930: Adventures in chroot!
 (TXT) 20180928: On Palm Devices
 (TXT) 20180925: Installing Ubuntu on an RCA Cambio 2-in-1
 (TXT) 20180925b: re: enforced anonymity [tomasino]
 (TXT) 20180923: Inspiration
 (TXT) 20180921: On vim as damn near anything
 (TXT) 20180918: On Void Linux fun
 (TXT) 20180914: On WSL and General Nerdery
 (TXT) 20180912: Personal Computing Ecosystem
 (TXT) 20180909: On the www
 (TXT) 20180830: On so much to do, so little time
 (TXT) 20180826: On Memory
 (TXT) 20180824: On Raspberry Pi
 (TXT) 20180817: On Work
 (TXT) 20180804: Gopher stuff
 (TXT) 20180802: On happiness in the face of massive disagreement
 (TXT) 20180726: On web as newspeak: limiting features to corral pe
 (TXT) 20180725: Good to be home
 (TXT) 20180716: On the last day of freedom
 (TXT) 20180712: On where I find myself today
 (TXT) 20180709: On life segmentation and happiness
 (TXT) 20180706: Old-man observation and Wiki progress
 (TXT) 20180626: On Pursuits
 (TXT) 20180623: On the Internet Archive as Backup
 (TXT) 20180621: Curveballs and Stamina
 (TXT) 20180621b: RE: Tomasino - moleskines
 (TXT) 20180618: On setting up a graphical user interface on the Ra
 (TXT) 20180618b: Well that didn't last long
 (TXT) 20180616: On the joy of simplicty
 (TXT) 20180610: On vimwiki and the merger of 1436 and http
 (TXT) 20180608: On abuse of the language -- "adulting"
 (TXT) 20180606: On Death and Uncertainty (RE: alexschroeder)
 (TXT) 20180603: On miniature books -- Pocketmod as RPG Tool
 (TXT) 20180530: Responses to txminth
 (TXT) 20180528: Funeral Next Weekend
 (TXT) 20180528a: On bicycles
 (TXT) 20180525: On mind free to roam
 (TXT) 20180520: On fun rpg tools
 (TXT) 20180519: On a mobile pencil and paper gaming setup
 (TXT) 20180517: On Multiplexing A Phlog
 (TXT) 20180510: Rain
 (TXT) 20180506: World creation progress (Ice Age Campaign)
 (TXT) 20180505: On playing with actual people
 (TXT) 20180429: On the ice age RPG project
 (TXT) 20180428: On all-in-vim + git (pt 2)
 (TXT) 20180427: On vim
 (TXT) 20180423: On world creation
 (TXT) 20180419: On gaming progress
 (TXT) 20180409: On the third week
 (TXT) 20180331: On my take on a note and task app
 (TXT) 20180325: On gopher proxies and search engines (again), hoar
 (TXT) 20180324: On My Game Master Assistant Script
 (TXT) 20180324a: On interviews (re kichimi)
 (TXT) 20180322: RE zlg - Refactor or Rewrite
 (TXT) 20180318: Hey, sysdharma - There are feeds on 1436
 (TXT) 20180317: I Need To Change Gopher Servers
 (TXT) 20180317a: On RPGs
 (TXT) 20180315: Calendar Solution
 (TXT) 20180312: Phlog Rewrite - Part the Next
 (TXT) 20180312a: On Server Reduction + Vim Tip
 (TXT) 20180311: On my console experiment
 (TXT) 20180310: On SDF, Also Music
 (TXT) 20180310a: On gopher self-sufficiency and RFCs
 (TXT) 20180308: On Redoing My Linux Android Tablet
 (TXT) 20180308b: On the RPoD Phlog Rewrite
 (TXT) 20180308a: On tcsh and more troff
 (TXT) 20180306: On Layout
 (TXT) 20180306a: On Freetime
 (TXT) 20180305: On the specialness of gopher (reply to ckeen)
 (TXT) 20180304: On the interesting stuff you can learn on gopher
 (TXT) 20180228: SDF sticker
 (TXT) 20180226: On defeat
 (TXT) 20180225: More on music website progress
 (TXT) 20180224: On my music website and VPS
 (TXT) 20180222: On learning shells
 (TXT) 20180220: Reply to Ulcer
 (TXT) 20180219: On moku-pona
 (TXT) 20180219a: On music and weather
 (TXT) 20180217: On the weekend
 (TXT) 20180217b: Maybe??
 (TXT) 20180217a: More on SDF listing
 (TXT) 20180214: On the work week
 (TXT) 20180214a: SDF listing update
 (TXT) 20180212: On laptop cleanup and the Energy Sector
 (TXT) 20180212a: On SDF phlog listing
 (TXT) 20180211: On catching up
 (TXT) 20180211b: On EDC
 (TXT) 20180129: On the difference of age, or it ain't a big deal
 (TXT) 20180127: On project progress
 (TXT) 20180121: Computer Inventory
 (TXT) 20180120: On Gutenberg... redo
 (TXT) 20180119: On hats
 (TXT) 20180117: On the Thinkpad project
 (TXT) 20180111: On entropy and the randomness of life
 (TXT) 20180107: On uptime
 (TXT) 20180106: On software (reply to Solderpunk) and laptops
 (TXT) 20180101: On the new year and laptop sadness
 (TXT) 20171230: On comments
 (TXT) 20171229: On phlog replies 20171229
 (TXT) 20171226: On the Raspberry Pi of Anguish
 (TXT) 20171222: On capitulation
 (TXT) 20171217: On further simplication
 (TXT) 20171216: Phlog replies (pet84rik, tfurrows, slugmax, tomasi
 (TXT) 20171215: On a simple pastebin
 (TXT) 20171211: On backups
 (TXT) 20171210: On my favorite software
 (TXT) 20171209: On the beauty of Unix
 (TXT) 20171205: On email (part 3)
 (TXT) 20171205b: Sent to my department on 20171124, a nice write up
 (TXT) 20171204: On Arch on Android
 (TXT) 20171204b: On gopher to http proxies
 (TXT) 20171203: On email UPDATE
 (TXT) 20171202: On life enrichment thru lurking
 (TXT) 20171202b: On email
 (TXT) 20171201: On the coming new RPi
 (TXT) 20171129: On site updating (some more)
 (TXT) 20171126: On the between times
 (TXT) 20171125: On the past
 (TXT) 20171124: On some todos for RPoD
 (TXT) 20171124b: On a memory of web past
 (TXT) 20171122: On thanksgiving
 (TXT) 20171120: On mobile gopher
 (TXT) 20171119: On resonance
 (TXT) 20171115: On gopher, lynx, and UTF-8
 (TXT) 20171113: On a ~$65 Linux box 
 (TXT) 20171106: On the RPoD DocumentStore 
 (TXT) 20171104: On device
 (TXT) 20171103: On music
 (TXT) 20171102: On  temptation
 (TXT) 20171029: On Project Gutenberg
 (TXT) 20171029c: On git and gopher
 (TXT) 20171029b: On Politics
 (TXT) 20171028: On electronics and music 
 (TXT) 20171027: On sustainable hobbies
 (TXT) 20171026: On RPoD Phlog 
 (TXT) 20171022: On technology and personal honesty
 (TXT) 20171020: On Asceticism 
 (TXT) 20171014: On life, Music, PPC, GopherProxy, Kindle
 (TXT) 20171008: On Relating 
 (TXT) 20170929: On the dream setup 
 (TXT) 20170929b: On gopherbook
 (TXT) 20170924: On Social Networks
 (TXT) 20170923: On Archives 
 (TXT) 20170921: On GG Alin 
 (TXT) 20170921b: On Git 
 (TXT) 20170920: On the Project Gutenberg Gopher Frontend 
 (TXT) 20170917: On Victories
 (TXT) 20170910: On odd forum bugs and laptops
 (TXT) 20170909: Dammit 
 (TXT) 20170907: On email
 (TXT) 20170907b: On the RPoD Gopher Proxy 
 (TXT) 20170902: On the RPoD Discussion forum 
 (TXT) 20170830: On Projects 
 (TXT) 20170828: On searching for content 
 (TXT) 20170826: Omnibook 800ct Project Update 
 (TXT) 20170826b: On figuring out wifi
 (TXT) 20170821: More on the Eclipse and Why CSS Ruins the Web
 (TXT) 20170819: OmniBook Project Update 
 (TXT) 20170817: On False-Flag Ops and the Solar Eclipse 
 (TXT) 20170814: Nostalgia Tripping 
 (TXT) 20170813: Trampoline park, my music, etc. 
 (TXT) 20170812: on the rejoining of sdf
 (TXT) 20170810: No days off for you