Jirka's Phlog
       May 2024
 (TXT) British OSes?
 (TXT) Pocket Reform in use
       May 2024
 (TXT) MNT Pocket Reform
       April 2024
 (TXT) Desk changes
 (TXT) remint
       March 2024
 (TXT) That's the end...
 (TXT) Old tech
 (TXT) Fedora 38 (finally)
       February 2024
 (TXT) Tangara
 (TXT) Analog stuff, mostly
 (TXT) Weather
 (TXT) Gemini PDA sans camera
 (TXT) On the SGI now
 (TXT) Usual situation
 (TXT) Computing in 2023
 (TXT) Alive
       December 2023
 (TXT) Making 3D stuff
 (TXT) Arduino robot adventures 1
 (TXT) Cycling in snow, 2023 edition
       November 2023
 (TXT) SGI, BASIC, OPL and so
       October 2023
 (TXT) Blackbird: RAM update
 (TXT) Biking
 (TXT) State of my computing: October 2023
       September 2023
 (TXT) Tetgen, admeshview on  ppc64le
 (TXT) SSH on Mac OS 10.4
 (TXT) iMac G5 WiFi
       August 2023
 (TXT) Brakes! What brakes?
 (TXT) Modern WWW browsing on IRIX
 (TXT) Forgot to replace batteries
       July 2023
 (TXT) Speed of computers
 (TXT) New SIM, new phone
 (TXT) Working late
 (TXT) Sinclair A-Bike
 (TXT) (No) Old Computer Challenge
 (TXT) Agfa Click II
 (TXT) Analog challenge
       June 2023
 (TXT) Status report
       May 2023
 (TXT) Status report
       April 2023
 (TXT) Tar, gzip and date in file name
       March 2023
 (TXT) Summer time again
 (TXT) Gave up TWTXT
 (TXT) No computing on Sunday
 (TXT) MNT Pocket Reform
 (TXT) NetBSD and SC
 (TXT) Lynx
 (TXT) Stuff changes
 (TXT) Film Cameras
 (TXT) Spring is here!
       February 2023
 (TXT) Debian + Arduino IDE + Inkplate
 (TXT) MNT Reform 2 summary
 (TXT) iMac G5 on WiFi
 (TXT) MNT Reform 2 OS Update
       January 2023
 (TXT) I use smartfone now!
 (TXT) MNT Reform 2 once more: RTC battery
 (TXT) MNT Reform 2, nm-tui and EDUROAM
 (TXT) MNT Reform: third round of impressions
 (TXT) Thinkpad longevity
 (TXT) MNT Reform: second round of impressions
 (TXT) For first time  in 2023
 (TXT) Hardware overview 2022
 (TXT) MNT Reform 2: first impressions
       December 2022
 (TXT) Sharp Zaurus SL-C3200
 (TXT) DOS emulation on old UNIX systems
 (TXT) On Fedora 36
 (TXT) SGI Indigo R3k back in bussiness
 (TXT) Overeaf + Git
 (TXT) Back to normal
 (TXT) End of season
 (TXT) More on social networks
       November 2022
 (TXT) Mastodon account deleted
 (TXT) Ubuntu Touch OTA-24
 (TXT) Folding bicycles
 (TXT) Gopher and social networks
 (TXT) Love updates: Ubuntu, OpenGL, IOT instruction
       October 2022
 (TXT) Batteries, again
 (TXT) On the IRIX again
 (TXT) BQ Aquaris battery
 (TXT) Smartphone vs card  vs paper
       September 2022
 (TXT) ROOPHLOCH failure
 (TXT) Where thing works
 (TXT) New battery for the GPD Pocket
       August 2022
 (TXT) Train journey  with smartphone only
 (TXT) Makefile and .SUFFIXES
 (TXT) GPD Pocket battery continued
 (TXT) TeX, LaTeX, tool and compatibility
 (TXT) Computers, workflow, calendars
 (TXT) Vacation
       July 2022
 (GIF) Alive, on Indigo, reading Gopher
 (TXT) July report
 (TXT) Slow Phone
 (TXT) Sunday mix of texts (health, bikes, computers)
       June 2022
 (TXT) Telnet, DISPLAY and other 1990s memories
 (TXT) Strange stuff (UC-2000)
 (TXT) Seiko DATA-2000
       May 2022
 (TXT) New bike (another one)
 (TXT) Ubuntu Touch, GPRS, HotSpot
 (TXT) MC400 or MC600
 (TXT) Off-line once more
 (TXT) SGI, demos and such
 (TXT) Pocket Gopher
       April 2022
 (TXT) Nostalgia?
 (GIF) Favorit bike
 (TXT) On Indigo again
 (TXT) Holidays biking
 (TXT) Batteries (Org II)
 (TXT) 100km per week
 (TXT) Palm IIIx battery saga continues
       March 2022
 (TXT) a2ps
 (TXT) No Esc on keyboard
 (TXT) Winter/summer time change again
 (TXT) On SGI again
 (TXT) Linux at work
 (TXT) La Rosta
 (TXT) PDAs now
 (TXT) Not enough RAM
 (TXT) SGI O2 in 2022
 (TXT) Night cycling
       February 2022
 (TXT) Closed
 (TXT) Biking uphill
 (TXT) Apple IIe adventures
 (TXT) Palm IIIx batteries change
 (TXT) Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
 (TXT) todo.txt
 (TXT) Weekend without computing
 (TXT) Ubuntu 18.04
 (TXT) Headwind
 (TXT) New screen for IIe
       January 2022
 (TXT) Dynamo, finally
 (TXT) One Palm is enough
 (TXT) Palm IIIx revival
 (TXT) Dynamo lighting
 (TXT) WWW browser for 8086
 (TXT) Year 2021: geocaching
 (TXT) Year 2021: cameras
 (TXT) Year 2021: computing
 (TXT) Cleanup
       December   2021
 (TXT) SGI in use
 (TXT) Off-line
 (TXT) Shared bikes
 (TXT) Flat batteries
 (TXT) Old SSH troubles
 (TXT) MNT Reform keyboard
 (TXT) Changing habits
       November   2021
 (TXT) NoViCoGE post 2
 (TXT) SSL again (NoViCoGE post 1)
 (TXT) From 33 to 35
       October   2021
 (TXT) Not so NoViCoGE
 (TXT) PSIONs talking
 (TXT) SCSI troubles
 (TXT) So long TenFourFox
 (TXT) New CommsLink cable
 (TXT) Bike update
       September  2021
 (TXT) No POWER today
 (TXT) O2 RAM upgrade
 (TXT) Sinclair
       August 2021
 (TXT) SGI O2 in August
 (TXT) PSIONs: MC600 and Org2
 (TXT) Kermit and 200LX
 (TXT) Holidays
 (TXT) PSION Series 3 Spell Checker
 (TXT) Testing the "new" PSION MC400
       July 2021
 (TXT) Gemini PDA (re:RPoD)
 (TXT) Running O2
 (TXT) GP2X F100
 (TXT) DeaDBeeF
 (TXT) "New" PSION MC400
 (TXT) Bikes
 (TXT) Not a retro challenge
 (TXT) Phones
 (TXT) .plan
 (TXT) Too much e-mails
 (TXT) Summary of June
       June 2021
 (TXT) XTerm: Shift+Insert
 (TXT) BlackBird usage during lockdown
 (TXT) Nothing special to report
       May 2021
 (TXT) X11 degradation
 (TXT) Why I have to keep i386
 (TXT) US Robotics PILOT
 (TXT) NIT in 2021
 (TXT) Telneting to KA10.DE
 (TXT) UT Tablet on stand
 (TXT) On Zaurus (for a moment)
 (TXT) Ubuntu Phone use (2016)
 (TXT) Task switching
 (TXT) GNU Octave Files as Executables
 (TXT) BibTeX files from online sources
 (TXT) Floppy on Mac
 (TXT) Too much Organiser IIs
 (TXT) SGI Indigo R4k in works
 (TXT) Z88 to PC
 (TXT) Brompton bikes
       April 2021
 (TXT) BASIC elsewhere
 (TXT) Some BASIC programming
 (TXT) Elektronika UKNC
 (TXT) Outage
 (TXT) Saturday
 (TXT) FrogFind!
 (TXT) Too much British stuff
 (TXT) Travel setup
 (TXT) Bike tuning
 (TXT) Use old computers for fun and profit
 (TXT) Psion goodies
 (TXT) TFF Today
 (TXT) Snow
 (TXT) Reader view
 (TXT) How to start with Z88D
       March 2021
 (TXT) Many thanks for TenFourFox
 (TXT) BASIC for all
 (TXT) SGI IRIX today
 (TXT) CSTUG Saturdays
 (TXT) UKNC issues
 (TXT) Cycling...
 (TXT) Z88 as typewriter
 (TXT) First use of 5.25"
 (TXT) Indigo + floppy
 (IMG) Working floppy on SGI Indigo
 (TXT) Palm backup issues
 (TXT) Ubuntu Touch News Update
 (TXT) Ubuntu Touch News
 (TXT) Apple IIe adventures
 (TXT) First bike ride this year
 (TXT) Repairs, repairs... without success
       February 2021
 (TXT) UKNC software (1)
 (TXT) 8bit troubles
 (TXT) Z88 slots
 (TXT) PDP-11 once more
 (TXT) Spreadsheets - who cares?
 (TXT) Forced to de-Google
 (TXT) Pocket Office, 1980s style
 (TXT) Cleanup
       January 2021
 (TXT) O2 is back
 (TXT) Fedora 33 ppc64le
 (TXT) Crazy January
 (TXT) No valid boot device
 (TXT) Palm vs modern Ubuntu
 (TXT) Blackbird upgrade (2)
 (TXT) Hardware setup - early 2021
       December 2020
 (IMG) Happy new year to all!
 (TXT) O2 no more
 (TXT) Sitting and reading
 (TXT) Z88 after some time
 (TXT) Cables, cables
 (TXT) Radeon temperature
 (TXT) EDC/gear update
 (TXT) Blackbird upgrade
 (TXT) Temperature conversion
 (TXT) Downtime
 (TXT) 9front KerTeX
 (TXT) reMarkable 2 in use
 (TXT) New round of Apple IIe attempts
 (TXT) 9front audio
 (TXT) 9front on bare metal
 (TXT) It's December!
       November 2020:
 (GIF) Playing with Plan 9
 (TXT) 9front
 (IMG) Playing with GPUbench
 (TXT) CD is not DVD
 (TXT) GPUbench
 (TXT) reMarkable and WWW
 (TXT) Backups on Palm
 (TXT) Printing
 (TXT) MNT Reform vs MacBook
 (TXT) reMarkable2
 (TXT) End of year
 (TXT) RAM erased
 (TXT) New pen (actual one)
 (TXT) IRIX, MP3 and so on
       October 2020:
 (TXT) Hinv tool for Linux: inxi
 (TXT) Weekend
 (TXT) Conferencing on a PowerBook?
 (TXT) CD paper labels
 (TXT) Four GB of RAM
 (TXT) Pebble smartwatch
 (TXT) Wristwatches
 (TXT) Z88 computing
 (TXT) How to print Remind calendar
       September 2020:
 (TXT) Just for reference - my xorg.conf
 (TXT) Week Log
 (TXT) SiEd testing
 (TXT) Conference week
 (TXT) Summer retrocomputing summary
 (GIF) Editing texts from AlphaSmart on Indigo
 (TXT) Week Log
 (TXT) ROOPHLOCH 2020 failure
 (TXT) Random news from O2
       August 2020:
 (TXT) Simplification. Or not?
 (TXT) AlphaSmart stuff
 (TXT) In search of cheap Intel Mac
 (TXT) SCSI2SD + Indigos
 (TXT) SCSI2SD v5.5
 (TXT) New (old) camera
 (TXT) New computer room
 (TXT) MC400 serial link
 (TXT) Sun Ultra 20 revived
 (TXT) Still no luck with Stowaway
       July 2020:
 (TXT) SGI Indigo R4k/100
 (TXT) Kermit for IRIX 5.3
 (TXT) No fun with Ultra 20
 (TXT) Z88 screen/keyboard protector
 (TXT) Centro usage report
 (TXT) New PeeCee
 (TXT) R61i upgrade
 (TXT) Fun with Sun Ultra 20
 (TXT) SGI Indigo2 fail
 (TXT) Sun Ultra 20 reborn
 (TXT) Sun Ultra 20 R.I.P.
 (TXT) PM 6100
 (TXT) SGI Indigo R4k plans
 (TXT) PeeCee error
 (TXT) 10-4-Fox
 (TXT) Centro and OBEX
 (TXT) Universal solution
 (TXT) Centro vs Tungsten W in few sentences
 (TXT) Centro progress
 (TXT) First anniversary
 (TXT) Centro!
       June 2020:
 (TXT) Made in Japan
 (TXT) POWER news and olds
 (TXT) Lynx for Mac OS X (easy way)
 (TXT) HP TouchPad keyboard troubles
 (TXT) Notebook/laptop for meetings
 (TXT) Once more
 (TXT) m68k->PPC->x86->ARM?
 (TXT) Battery life when off
 (TXT) Brandy on Pi
 (TXT) MIPS: R10k vs R3k
 (GIF) Running Brandy BASIC on IRIX
 (GIF) Porting Brandy BASIC to Indigo
 (TXT) System time
 (TXT) Too old computer
 (TXT) Cambridge Z88
 (TXT) Computing for now
       May 2020:
 (TXT) Evernote on Mac OS X 10.5.8
 (TXT) HP Touchpad SW summary
 (TXT) GNU Octave AND plots
 (TXT) UT Progress
 (TXT) Kitchen computer
 (TXT) At work
 (TXT) How it is
 (TXT) Geocaching on Ubuntu Touch
 (TXT) Crazy day
 (TXT) UBports OTA-12 update
 (TXT) Palm device drivers
 (TXT) Speed of Octave (2)
 (TXT) LR41
 (TXT) Speed of Octave
 (TXT) SiPix A6 news
 (TXT) Compatibility (Octave)
 (TXT) TouchPad progress
 (TXT) HP Touchpad as a desktop
 (TXT) No luck (another case)
 (TXT) Libertine
 (TXT) Printer stuff
 (GIF) IRIS Indigo with Netscape
 (TXT) MC400 and p3nfs
 (TXT) Ever note
 (TXT) RSS feeds
 (TXT) MC600 software
 (TXT) Rain
 (TXT) Siag Office
       April 2020:
 (TXT) Blackbird and Logout
 (TXT) Evening on IRIS Indigo
 (TXT) Psion Series 3 FAQ
 (TXT) Tired
 (TXT) Software Update :-(
 (TXT) PDF, annotations and ppc64le
 (TXT) Organiser II summary
 (TXT) CASIO DC-E700 and DC-E8000
 (TXT) Battery Life
 (TXT) MC600 + Org2
 (TXT) OPL Coding
 (TXT) Blogging (not only phogging) from Indigo
 (TXT) They won :-(
 (TXT) Organiser II for shopping
 (TXT) Coffee - re:Boris Shminke
 (TXT) Previously Unused Stuff
 (GIF) PSION Organiser II emulator/IDE
 (TXT) PSION II Emulator on DOSbox
 (TXT) Drivers michmach
 (GIF) PocketC on ReactOS on Fedora
 (GIF) MK-90 on ReactOS on Fedora
 (TXT) PSION II Comms Link/USB
 (TXT) AlphaSmart Testing
 (TXT) iMac G5 keyboard
 (TXT) GoType keyboard
 (TXT) Battery life
 (TXT) Standing desk (7)
 (TXT) AlphaSmart Dana hack
 (TXT) Psion 3a with keyboard
 (TXT) Bicycle ride
 (TXT) Different versions
 (TXT) Saturday
 (TXT) Standing desk (6)
 (TXT) Floppies + PSION
       March 2020:
 (TXT) Animated GIFs on R3k
 (TXT) New old laptop
 (TXT) Soldering
 (TXT) Snow
 (TXT) ODROID XU-4 Update
 (TXT) Differences
 (TXT) Second phone
 (TXT) Numworks and POWER
 (TXT) Links on OS X
 (TXT) No more WiFi on Ben
 (TXT) TRGpro tuning (2)
 (TXT) Home office after one week
 (TXT) Keyboards
 (TXT) G4 vs G5
 (TXT) Workflow: Changes and additions
 (TXT) GLUT on MacOS X
 (TXT) TRGpro tuning
 (TXT) Working from home
 (TXT) Git for non-program text files
 (TXT) lynx --nocolor
 (TXT) PocketBook Basic 613
 (TXT) R.I.P. iPhone 3G
 (TXT) Corona preps
 (TXT) Even  newer keyboard
 (TXT) New backpack
 (TXT) J-Pilot today
 (TXT) Running SGI O2
 (TXT) Standing desk (5)
 (TXT) Standing desk (4)
 (TXT) Standing desk (3)
 (TXT) Serial-USB
 (TXT) Gemini PDA update :-(
       February 2020:
 (TXT) Standing desk (2)
 (TXT) Standing desk attempt
 (TXT) TRG Pro: first impressions
 (TXT) Changes: jirka.1-2-8.net
 (TXT) Saturday
 (TXT) Even newer keyboard
 (TXT) Palm OS + Bluetooth Keyboard
 (TXT) Tungsten W + PalmPix
 (TXT) Aceeca + Software
 (TXT) Elektronika BK 0010-01
       January 2020:
 (TXT) Another GPD Pocket failure: update
 (TXT) Another GPD Pocket failure
 (TXT) Aceeca Palm PDA32?
 (TXT) Alarm clock failure
 (TXT) January 1st
 (TXT) PF 2020
       December 2019:
 (TXT) Some OpenPOWER computing
 (TXT) Citizen Stiletto
 (TXT) Tungsten W usage notes
 (TXT) CPU and RAM Usage
 (TXT) Trip to Prague
 (TXT) Reading
 (TXT) Palms, palms, who cares?
 (TXT) Whis week
 (TXT) Stuff, duplicity
 (TXT) Palm, Mac
       November 2019:
 (TXT) Nokia N900
 (BIN) Ortek keyboard driver for Palm
 (TXT) Palm  T|W external keyboard
 (TXT) POWER9 in use (11/2019)
 (TXT) Out of memory
 (TXT) Modern absurdity
 (TXT) Just some thoughts
 (TXT) Links 2 (Re:Visiblink)
 (TXT) Desktop vs laptop vs ..
 (TXT) Tungsten W wireless
       October 2019:
 (TXT) Tcl/Tk (2)
 (TXT) QEMU+ReactOS+x2x
 (TXT) New Stuff
 (TXT) New Printer!
 (TXT) Tcl/Tk Starpacks
 (TXT) Drakware PS2USB Adapter
 (TXT) Tcl/Tk
 (TXT) Palm Screen Backlight
 (TXT) Thinkpad R500
 (TXT) Tungsten W Cases
 (TXT) BASIC REM for Notes
 (TXT) GPD Pocket vs. Pocket 2: external screen
 (TXT) Tungsten W without Czech Fonts
 (TXT) Nothing to Report
       September 2019:
 (TXT) Mastodon Habits
 (TXT) Palm OS 4 + Internet = ?
 (TXT) Battery Indicator
 (TXT) One Pebble Less
 (TXT) Small Victory
 (TXT) PDA/Mobile OS and PIM
 (TXT) Re:Jynx, Palm OS questions
 (TXT) Palm IIIc Question
 (TXT) Tungsten W Thoughts
 (TXT) BlackBird Update
 (TXT) Indigo: Time To Upgrade?
 (TXT) Holidays (sort of)
 (TXT) Tungsten W <--> Linux
 (TXT) Palm Tungsten W
 (TXT) Stability of URL
 (TXT) Random Thoughts
 (TXT) I Am Idiot
 (TXT) Old Palm Journal
 (TXT) ReactOS and QEMU
 (TXT) CPU Heatsink
 (IMG) My Desk (September 2019)
 (TXT) Autumn Is Close
       August 2019:
 (TXT) Firefox
 (TXT) About Grumpy Old Men
 (TXT) Old Palm III
 (TXT) RSS Feeds
 (TXT) Palm Pixi Plus Broken
 (TXT) 9V Rechargeables
 (TXT) Mess, err, I mean Linux
 (TXT) Otter Browser/ppc64le
 (TXT) Modern Linux (and FireFox)
 (TXT) PSION Organiser II
 (TXT) No New Devices for Some Time
 (TXT) Palm PDA Keyboard
 (TXT) IP Messenger -> iptux
 (TXT) Workflow
 (TXT) Port to Gtk - but to what one?
 (TXT) BlackBird Boot Times
 (TXT) BlueTooth?
       July 2019:
 (TXT) Ghost In Box
 (GIF) Gopher vs WWW on Bad Connection - Who Wins?
 (TXT) Blackbird In Use 2
 (TXT) Blackbird In Use 1
 (TXT) Blackbird Update 11
 (TXT) Blackbird Update 10
 (TXT) Holidays, N800 and so
 (TXT) Blackbird Update 9
 (TXT) Remote plotting via XTerm
 (GIF) Gnuplot on Tektronix
 (TXT) N800 Is Back!
 (TXT) IBM POWER Adventures
       June 2019:
 (TXT) Blackbird Update 8
 (TXT) Blackbird Update 7
 (TXT) UnderPOWERed
 (TXT) Blackbird Update 6
 (TXT) Some Recent Thoughts
 (TXT) Blackbird Update 5
 (TXT) Desktop Environment
       May 2019:
 (TXT) Blackbird Update 4
 (TXT) HTML->Palm
 (TXT) Off-line
 (TXT) Blackbird Update 3
 (TXT) Workflow
 (TXT) Casio DC-E700
 (TXT) "New" Palm and PalmPix
 (TXT) Suicide Attempt of Mozilla?
 (TXT) Ubuntu Touch and Convergence (again)
       April 2019:
 (TXT) Memory Usage
 (TXT) GUI -> Mess
 (TXT) Palm AddressBook
 (TXT) Bike Ride
 (TXT) Ubuntu Touch (UBports) OTA-8
 (TXT) Fog and Rain
 (TXT) Escaping the Cult of Mac
 (TXT) Blackbird Update 2
 (TXT) FVWM -> 4Dwm, part 4
 (TXT) brutaldon.online
 (TXT) FVWM -> 4Dwm, part 3
 (TXT) My current .fvwm2rc file
 (TXT) How People Take Notes?
 (TXT) FVWM -> 4Dwm, part 2
 (TXT) FVWM -> 4Dwm
       March 2019:
 (TXT) Random (Palm) Notes
 (TXT) Failures Update
 (TXT) Failures for Saturday
 (TXT) Slowdown
 (TXT) Palm Pixi Limits
 (TXT) Trains
 (TXT) Phones
 (TXT) SGI Octane
 (TXT) No Luck Once More
 (TXT) pstoedit
 (TXT) No Luck with Some Things
 (TXT) Web Browser
 (TXT) Alarm Clock
 (TXT) Clie Update
       February 2019:
 (TXT) Bookmarks
 (TXT) Random Notes
 (TXT) GPD Pocket Battery
 (TXT) Text from Zaurus to Palm by IR
 (TXT) Batteries, batteries
 (TXT) That old PC
 (TXT) Palm TX Case
 (TXT) Blackbird Update 1
 (TXT) Silence Is Golden
 (TXT) Audio CDs
 (TXT) !11-PDP eht ni deppart m'I !pleH
 (TXT) PalmPix Once More
 (TXT) Desktop vs laptop vs ...
 (TXT) Thunderbird @250 MHz
 (TXT) VGA, HDMI, USB and other mess
 (TXT) Palm T|X - Further Steps
       January 2019:
 (TXT) Palm T|X
 (TXT) Annoying Noise
 (TXT) Direct Sunlight
 (TXT) RAM sizes
 (TXT) Color scheme on UX50
 (TXT) More About Clie UX50
 (TXT) New Phone
 (TXT) Writing on Pocket Devices
 (TXT) BQ M10 OTA-7 Update
 (TXT) AIX Progress
 (TXT) Pens in 2018
 (TXT) Calculators in 2018
 (TXT) 8 GB
 (TXT) Pocket computing in 2018
 (TXT) Laptops in 2018
 (TXT) Vim is great
 (TXT) Desktops in 2018
 (TXT) Devices convergence and segmentation
 (TXT) Moscow Nights
 (SND) Moscow Nights Data File
       December 2018:
 (TXT) Indigo 2 install (another attempt)
 (TXT) Metro (Palm) and i-Metro
 (TXT) Gemini Hub (Re:Xiled)
 (TXT) Problem with the REX
 (TXT) Sentio Superbook
 (TXT) No luck with Palm Pilots
 (TXT) TRG Pro on-line?
 (TXT) IR on by default?
 (TXT) Infrared beaming is great
 (TXT) REX: hands on
 (TXT) Remind -> Palm (naive way)
 (TXT) TRG Pro on eBay
       November 2018:
 (TXT) Gemini PDA complete
 (TXT) Raptor
 (TXT) From Russia with Zaurus?
 (TXT) Indigo 2 non-progress
 (TXT) More analog/offline stuff
 (TXT) SDF Image Gallery
 (TXT) Gemini PDA update expected
 (TXT) PalmPilot Personal updates
 (TXT) Pilot 5000
 (TXT) 64-bit?!
 (TXT) UX-50 (Re: RPoD)
 (TXT) Palm III vs. Palm Pixi
 (TXT) New Phone: one step back
       October 2018:
 (TXT) Mac + Palm: update
 (TXT) Without notebook: update
 (TXT) Without notebook
 (GIF) My current workspace (MeshTV on Indigo).
 (TXT) New phone - but which one?
 (TXT) Artificial Intelligence (sort of)
 (GIF) Palm Pilot with OS 1.0
 (TXT) Palm OS 1.0
 (TXT) Mac + Palm: first attempt
 (TXT) Too much active  Palms
 (TXT) Android...
 (TXT) PowerBook apps
 (IMG) Palm Pilot upgrade with new IR port
 (TXT) Z88
       September 2018:
 (TXT) FireFox
 (TXT) Benchmarks
 (TXT) Gopher pages update
 (TXT) Palm Pilot Personal -> Palm III
 (GIF) Reading Technomorous.eu with Netscape 3.01
 (TXT) Gemini PDA Case
 (TXT) Barcelona
       August 2018:
 (TXT) Nice article about old Palms
 (TXT) Firefox issue
 (TXT) New SGI Indigo2
 (TXT) Summer set of hardware failures
 (GIF) Screen shot: what I'm doing during the holidays
 (TXT) My "new" Zaurus 5500
       July  2018:
 (GIF) Screen shot: Agenda App on Gemini PDA (downscaled)
 (TXT) Git server @sdf
 (TXT) New PSION Series 3a
 (TXT) Gemini PDA vs actual PSION
       June  2018:
 (TXT) Gemini vs Pocket
 (TXT) Gemini PDA: first impressions
 (TXT) Gemini PDA shipped
 (TXT) Order locked
 (TXT) Failures
 (TXT) PSION Printing
       May  2018:
 (TXT) Nekochan.net no more
 (GIF) Screen shot: my new PowerBook G4
 (TXT) New battery for PB G4
 (TXT) NumWorks
 (TXT) Trains in Central Europe
 (TXT) Via Ferrata 2018
 (TXT) Hardware
       April  2018:
 (TXT) TtH: (La)TeX to HTML
 (TXT) New LCD
 (TXT) MS-DOS Programming (in C)
 (TXT) New watches
       March  2018:
 (TXT) Unsorted Notes
 (TXT) New Stuff (non-computer)
 (TXT) par
 (TXT) Train
 (GIF) IRIS Indigo: Gopher + MP3 (33MHz CPU)
 (TXT) Keyboard
       February 2018:
       January 2018:
 (TXT) Palms
 (TXT) pdf2png
 (TXT) My workstations in 2017
 (TXT) Hats
 (TXT) My portable stuff in 2017
 (TXT) VR3 battery life
 (TXT) iPhone->iPod
 (TXT) Spectre
 (TXT) Pebble + Ubuntu Touch
 (GIF) Netwalker Screenshot
 (TXT) Netwalking (Sharp Netwalker)
       December 2017:
 (TXT) VR3: more info
 (TXT) Sharp Netwalker
 (TXT) SDF in color
 (TXT) Obscure X11 tools
       November 2017:
 (TXT) From desktop to VR3
 (IMG) Agenda VR3 vs Palm III
 (TXT) New Agenda VR3 PDA
 (TXT) FireFox 57
 (TXT) Random notes
 (TXT) Exhausted
 (TXT) MP3 on 33MHz MIPS CPU?
 (TXT) Random stuff
       October 2017:
 (TXT) How ordinary user solves problem with Android
 (TXT) Gutenberg (Guttenberg)
 (GIF) Simple 3D tool "i3dm" on SGI Indigo
 (TXT) Again and again
 (TXT) Workflow
 (TXT) CF Ethernet
 (TXT) .netrc
 (TXT) Failures, updates and so
 (TXT) GeminiPDA on video
 (TXT) SGI Indigo keyboard converter
 (TXT) For those few readers
 (TXT) GPD Pocket: upgrade
       September 2017:
 (TXT) Fan noise
 (TXT) Failures, failures...
 (TXT) Printer failure
 (TXT) New Backpack
 (TXT) Floppies
 (TXT) eFunda.com
 (GIF) Browsing on SGI Indigo/IRIX
 (TXT) Zaurus and USB pen drive
 (TXT) Gemini PDA in metal
 (TXT) Printing
 (TXT) Use of small laptop
 (GIF) Remote FireFox on IRIX
 (TXT) Zaurus and Qtopia Desktop
 (TXT) Remote Firefox
       August 2017:
 (TXT) GPD Pocket Progress
 (TXT) HP TouchPad
 (TXT) GUI response
 (TXT) GPD Pocket!
 (TXT) Psion Sheet -> Unix SC
 (TXT) Psion<->UNIX
 (GIF) DopeWars in terminal
 (TXT) Cleaning (apps)
 (TXT) DiddleBug
 (TXT) Login shell
 (TXT) GTA04 once more
 (TXT) GTA04 and NanoNote
 (TXT) PalmImage and TinyViewer
 (GIF) PalmImage on IRIX
 (GIF) GTA-04 Phone still alive (sort of)
 (TXT) Can't set tod clock
 (TXT) Flickr
 (TXT) Running SGI Indy
 (TXT) Slovakia
       July 2017:
 (TXT) OpenMoko
 (TXT) HW vs SW Calculator
 (TXT) X260
 (TXT) Mini Indigo
 (TXT) LaTeX
 (TXT) read-notepad
 (TXT) Salzkammergut
       June 2017:
 (TXT) My Focus No More
 (TXT) Palm Pilot Hotsync Cable
 (TXT) IRIX Indigo + MC
 (TXT) Software Unification
 (TXT) First Bike Ride
 (TXT) Non-x86 workstation? :-(
 (TXT) 30 years of SDF
 (TXT) Pal Smartstrap for Pebble
 (TXT) Palm III Color Pack
 (GIF) Palm III Color Pack
 (TXT) Fossil Wrist PDA troubles
 (TXT) Vim Outliner (TVO)
 (TXT) Train
 (TXT) Fossil with screen off
       May 2017:
 (TXT) SILO library
 (TXT) IRIX Indigo + XFig
 (TXT) CalculiX on IRIX problems
 (TXT) From man(1) to paper
 (TXT) CalculiX on IRIX
 (TXT) iPod Nano as a watch
 (TXT) XFig Lives! (sort of)
 (TXT) IRIS Indigo upgrade (3)
 (IMG) Fossil Wrist PDA
 (TXT) IRIS Indigo upgrade (2)
 (GIF) IRIS Indigo with FSN
 (TXT) Iris Indigo upgrade (1)
 (TXT) Using MC600 as laptop
 (TXT) Exodus (Ubuntu Touch)
 (TXT) Itanic is sinking
 (TXT) New Technomorous.eu
 (GIF) Browsing Technomorous.eu with IRIS Indigo
 (IMG) Browsing Technomorous.eu with Ubuntu Touch phone
 (IMG) Browsing Technomorous.eu with Palm and Plucker
 (TXT) Some more IRIS Indigo software
 (TXT) Few computer-free days
       April 2017:
 (TXT) Fossil progress
 (TXT) Z Shell
 (TXT) Fossil Wrist PDA
 (TXT) todo.txt and todo.sh
 (TXT) Unexpected Finds
 (TXT) Damned Lies Once More
 (TXT) IRIX Nirvana
 (TXT) Modern Vim and Latin2
 (TXT) X61s and SSD
 (TXT) Ubuntu Touch No More
 (TXT) New Toys (for work)
       March 2017:
 (TXT) Stability vs Innovation
 (TXT) Evening Computing
 (TXT) More BASIC (for Palm PDA)
 (TXT) Some BASIC (internal forces on a beam)
 (TXT) Mouse
 (TXT) Ubuntu Tablet and Big Screen
 (TXT) PalmORB
 (TXT) My Actively Used Devices
 (TXT) My Pebble No Longer
       February  2017:
 (TXT) Tcl/Tk Compatibility
 (TXT) Best Convergence Device ;-)
 (TXT) O2 troubles
 (TXT) Desktop Keyboard
 (TXT) ORG2 Emulator (for Linux!) 
 (TXT) New toy (O2)
 (TXT) Purse for women PSION 5
 (TXT) Prince of Persia (sort of) on calculator
 (TXT) USB interface for old Casio calculators
 (TXT) They just started...
 (TXT) Divergence
       January 2017:
 (TXT) MuPDF (on IRIX)
 (TXT) iOS vs Android (just a fun)
 (TXT) Internal Speakers
 (TXT) Got a Palm Pilot Professional
 (TXT) Bywater BASIC and IRIX 5.3
 (TXT) Cameras Usage
 (TXT) Relaxational computing
 (TXT) StayOnTop + XMMS
       December 2016:
 (TXT) Another hardware failure: Agenda VR3
 (TXT) FVWM (2.4) on Ubuntu
 (TXT) One keyboard less
 (TXT) Strange behavior
 (TXT) State Archives of Assyria
 (TXT) Pocket Clamshells
 (TXT) Ubuntu Touch OTA-14 and more
 (TXT) Doing something in wrong way
 (TXT) Data transfer problem
 (TXT) So Pebble is gone
 (TXT) MatView and ParaView on Ubuntu Touch
 (TXT) Lies, damned lies and...
       November 2016:
 (TXT) Typical Linux Illness
 (TXT) No computer in living room
 (TXT) Dual SIM Phone Life
 (TXT) Battery Life
 (TXT) Augmented Reality (and a non-related joke)
 (TXT) Sony Clie PEG-UX50
 (TXT) Notebook List
 (TXT) Twibright Registrator
 (TXT) TetGen on IRIX
 (TXT) Old vs New (reliability)
 (TXT) Pebble Time 2
 (TXT) Power Mac 6100 once more
 (TXT) Bluetooth Keyboard preferences
 (TXT) Net Slug (NSLU-2)
       October 2016:
 (TXT) Drop Box Down
 (TXT) That (not so) old MIPS
 (TXT) Swap
 (TXT) Jorno Bluetooth Keyboard
 (TXT) WD My Passport Wireless
 (TXT) No Sheep Shaving on IRIX
 (TXT) PROM battery for IRIS Indigo
 (TXT) Power Macintosh 6100 Failure
 (TXT) Right stuff for tasks? (PDAs)
 (TXT) IRIS Indigo adventures
       September 2016:
 (TXT) Psion MC600 troubles; Relativity of speed
 (TXT) PSION Series 3a battery life
 (TXT) Ubuntu Touch OTA-13
 (TXT) Stowaway ThinkOutside Sierra
 (TXT) Shared display on IRIS
 (TXT) Side effects (related to the Indigo)
 (TXT) IRIS Indigo
 (TXT) Maemo4 nostalgy
       August 2016:
 (TXT) Introduction and PalmPix